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Top Five Reasons High Security Locks Protect You Better

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Most people trust high tech devices when it comes to protection of their business or home. Among these you can count electronic controls, camera devices, burglar alarms etc. While these modern devices do increase the security but in choosing them you may be overlooking the convenience and practical advantages of the simple lock that efficiently keeps the door shut. This is the device that provides the basic protection to buildings and stops intruders at the primary level. However, in the scheme of overall security, these locks are only weak links and in order to improve this crucial area of security one should use high security locks. This article will provide you with five top reasons to use high security locks.

Patented Key Control

The key system in most high security locks is restricted, which means that only authorized locksmith dealers will be able to duplicate their patented high security keys. The method that they often use to prevent unauthorized persons from duplicating their keys is by using signature verification. So the risk of your keys being easily duplicated at a hardware store the moment you hand it to anyone be it your housekeeper, valet, automotive repair etc., is exactly the kind of threat that high security locks provide a protection against.

Pick Resistance

It is really easy to pick the usual standard locks people use. In fact, the process is just as easy as you must have seen sometimes on television. You can easily buy the lock pick set on internet at a cheap price. With regular practice one can open a locked door in a matter of some minutes or seconds.  However, the various technologies high security locks use to make it pick resistant makes it difficult to pick the lock. Some items for pick resistance is on the key, while others are there hidden in the lock.

Drill Resistance

The cylinders of the high security locks sport a special build to survive drill attack specifically. The thieves and criminals who are trained to break all sorts of locks know that a lock can be easily opened when you create a shear line between the outer housing and inner cylinder by using a small standard drill at the top of the cylinder, drilling a hole there. High security locks are safe that way.

Increased Resistance to Physical Attack

High security locks sometimes use interlocking deadbolt and usually come with standard strike plates which are reinforced. As most building doors are locked with an inexpensive deadbolt or a knob lock, burglars often find it easy to simply kick the door open. High security locks provide increased resistance to survive such kinds of physical attack.

Lasting Quality

Lastly, high security locks have better build quality with steel and brass components inside. The easily breakable die-cast pieces do not form a part of these products. Using these locks will ensure that your doors are well-protected with high quality locks that are tough.

If you consider these five essential points while investing on the security of your home and business, then you will automatically want to first ensure that the physical security of your door has been handled properly before going on to purchase the modern electronic security devices. As time is the worst enemy of burglars, the harder and more difficult you make it for them, the safer you can think yourself to be.

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