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Top 3 Cloud Storage Options in 2018

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Physical storage options such as hard disks, pen drives, DVDs and Blu-rays still have a place in the modern world, in spite of what the media might lead you to believe, but there is no doubt about the fact that cloud storage is the dominant option right now for mass storage, and it is the future. On that note, here are the top three options in cloud storage, whether you need storage for business or for personal data.


It is hard to start a list about cloud storage options without mentioning the oldest company in the business. Dropbox has pretty much perfected the services they provide and that’s expected, given the company’s vast experience in the field. However, the 2 GB limit on free storage might put you off if you are looking for a free option. The good news is that anyone can extend that 2 GB limit to as much as 16 GB, provided enough of your friends sign up with Dropbox via your shared link on social media. The company offers superb business facilities, the most useful of them being the ability to collaborate with other members of the business team. If you have a paid business subscription, all members get access to unlimited storage, but storage for paid personal memberships start from 1TB and go higher up, along with the monthly subscription fees.

Google Drive

Almost everyone is using Google Drive, whether they know it or not because if you have Gmail or an Android device, you already have Google Drive by default. Everyone gets 15 GB of storage free of charge, but if you want to increase your storage, monthly subscription charges will apply. The prices are pretty competitive with similar services and the fact that it’s a product by Google speaks volumes about the reliability and security. The only gripe that you may have with using Google Drive is that the UI isn’t very user friendly.


Once again, a lot of people are using OneDrive by Microsoft without even knowing that they have an account. As long as you have a Windows 10 PC (laptop or desktop), you have a free OneDrive cloud storage account as well. You will get a modest 5 GB of free storage right out of the box and no additional downloads are required, since it comes bundled with Windows 10 itself. The subscription fees will rise up as you increase your storage space, just like all other services in the category. Although there’s an app for OneDrive available in the Play Store, App Store and even for the Mac OS, it works best on Windows 10 computers because of the natural integration.

These three options we just discussed are among the best out there, but their names are not the only things to know about reliable storage. If you want to know about your cloud storage and hardware storage options in more details, head over to Burnworld.Net, where they always have the latest news, updates and guides on everything related to data storage.

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