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Top 20 Best Technology Blogs to Follow in 2022

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Who doesn’t loves to read about the latest technologies, and explore the new coolest features about them? but in today’s world, there are many technologies blogs present on the internet and it’s hard to choose the one to read and follow.

Many of the blogs just share false rumors and information about the technologies, which makes it difficult for us to decide on what to believe.

According to a survey, around 77% of the users surfing the internet like to read blogs, and use their 23 percent of time reading about the topic of their interest.

So I decided to research and provide my readers with a list of top technology blogs that provide the best knowledge content about the newest technologies.

Top Technology Blogs

So here’s the list of the top technologies related blogs, which you can follow and read daily to know about the latest technologies that emerge in our market.

1. TechCrunch

If you love technology, then of course who might have heard about TechCrunch. TechCrunch is one of the biggest technologies blogs in the world which is trusted and followed by many of its users. Even I follow this website to keep myself update about the latest technologies.

TechCrunch provides its users with the news about the latest technologies, Silicon Valley, and various new startups that are emerging into the globe.

And according to SimilarWeb, they receive more than 15M of traffic every month and 40% of its users are from the United States.

2. Wired

Wired is one of the best websites which shares daily content about various technologies and stuff. It mainly focuses on how the latest technologies affect our culture, economy, and politics.

It shares the various technologies trend around the globe. It also has a monthly magazine that is published in America in print as well as online for all its users who loves to read its blog.

And when we talk about the monthly traffic, the website receives around 18M traffic every month with vast users are from the United States and Canada.


CNET is one of the best blogs which covers all the latest consumer technologies and provides you with what’s new those technologies are packed with. Along with it, they review thousands of products on their website including various useful software and they have their own forum where people discuss about various things.

CNET also gives you the tools and various information about which latest technologies to buy and what’s useful to help you make your decision while going for any gadget.

And when we talk about the traffic of the website, they receive around 91M traffic with vast traffic from the united states and that’s huge.

4. The Verge

The Verge is one of the top blogs which is known for review, technology, science, and general topics. It was founded in 2011 and from then till now, it’s providing its users with the best technology information through its blog.

Other than technology it also covers the contents related to science, art, and culture. From the date it started, its only goal is to provide its users with the latest technologies information, their in-depth reports, and various other useful content for its users.

As this website is launched in 2011, they’ve massively grown in just a few years with more than 55M+ monthly traffic, and majorly the traffic source is from the United States.

5. Mac Rumors

Founded and owned by Arnold Kim, Mac Rumors is another most popular technology blog which you can follow for the latest and upcoming technology news and trends. As the name, the website mostly deals in MacBook or Apple-related products but it doesn’t mean you’ll not get other types of content on this website.

Along with all these, the website deals in Buyer’s guide, how-to, and other types of content which is useful for daily life hacks, and they also have a forum where people discuss about the latest tech and apple products.

The website has monthly traffic of 14M and is growing continuously. If you’re an apple fan, then I highly recommend this website to you.

6. 9to5Mac

Seth Weintraub established it in 2007, and this website was meant to be pointed on Macs. Since its establishment, it has focused on covering all Apple products.

It is recognized to be a leading website in terms of giving accurate information and news. It first gained attention when it posted photos of the third-generation iPod nano. It was the first website to uncover the pictures.

After that, it published timely pictures of the first-ever iPhone and MacBooks.

The website recorded monthly traffic of 7.56 million, and the USA is their targeted audience. I would recommend this website because of its accuracy and early information.

7. Apple Insider

Apple Insider was established in 1997 as an informative site about apple products and its offered services. Its headquarters are located in Cupertino, California, United States. It delivers information on all apple products, and many viewers have nicely reviewed it.

This website reviews Apple products, news, analysis of the products, and how-tos in a very informative manner. It has good reviews from its viewers who find its information quite relevant.

Apple insider has an average monthly traffic of 3.21 million. 51% of the viewers are from the USA; it has received a positive growth of the audience for the last two months.

8. Android Authority

Android Authority is a news blog found in 2007 that delivers content, reviews, and information about android phones, tablets, and applications.

It has been the number one source of information for android users and has an audience of about 50 million. They have a large team of professional writers, videographers, editors, journalists, and developers.

They have won 57 tech awards and have actively posted 62616 posts till now. It is illuminative and offers expert tips. It receives enormous monthly traffic of about 17.6 million. Most of the viewers are from The United States and India.

9. TechRepublic

A very famous and renowned tech blog website owned by Tom Cottingham is enjoying another level of popularity since it was found in 1997.

The developers have designed the interface of the site very well, alongside it is very informative. The content that it shares is very reliable, and users can trust without any doubt as a useful source of information.

Moreover, it is swift and efficient in sharing the latest content with almost negligible errors. The content it delivers can quite assure you that the content providers are real experts in TechRepublic.

Also, it delivers information in regards to everything that comes under their domain. Hence they have quite a lot of information about many things.

The site’s address is also gigantic and is estimated at up to 5.21 million, to mention the traffic.

10. Android Central

It is a very famous technological website for blogging, founded in 2005. This website has its headquarters in Inverness, Florida, United States. It is informative and offers an exquisite experience.

It is one of the most popular technological blog websites available on the internet nowadays. It is known for its decent yet powerful interface, which offers simplicity to all the users. You can quickly lookout for any information on this website effectively.

It is very informative on the outer as well as the inner end. The developers have designed it very well to keep it handy and straightforward for the users. Moreover, the content that Android central provides is most precise to the real facts, and people appreciate all the experts’ opinions that they deliver out on their site.

Listing the traffic that it can attract is also quite amusing because it can range up to 2-3 million most of the time.

11. How-To Geek

As the name suggests, this site takes the responsibility to teach users the most amusing and exciting geek facts. Lowell Heddings founded this site in 2007 alongside Chris, who is the present editor-in-chief.

It favors all the young learners that want to acquire knowledge in the most effective way. The developers have designed the site so that users can benefit from all the geek information and experience the back end-end jobs of the geek world.

As it is so helpful for so many users, this site’s traffic can reach a reasonable extent, with 82% focused on searching from this channel.

12. GeekWire

This site is also listed as one of the best technology blogs. If you are bored with your routine and want to develop an interest in a geek world, this site is beneficial. This site was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Sposato. The headquarters location of Geek wire is Seattle.

Also, it serves as a vast library for all the geek seekers out there. The customer care services of the site are also very spontaneous and quick.

Whenever a user enters the website, the site does not prompt the user with a lot of info that might burden the users. The display page is decent, and the user quickly gets handy with it.

Since it provides a lot of ease to the users, the traffic is also quite interesting to notice because it smoothly goes up to 3-4 million, and most of the traffic this site receives comes from searches from search engines.

13. MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review is a magazine wholly owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was the first issue in 1899. The site developers are also very creative in providing such efficient content in a very consistent manner.

Although the blogs are being published in an old-style, the users are still lively regarding the interface and the site’s experience. It is indeed the best place to visit if you are stuck with any doubt and wants to get a fully refreshed and updated version of the information.

It wholly depends on its own to provide legit content. The developers put consistent efforts to keep the site simple and powerful for everyone to use.

Despite being an old site, it has accustomed itself to the latest features and options to add more clarity among the users regarding acquiring the best knowledge.

The traffic this site easily attracts is also terrific. It receives most of its users from search engine optimization and thus depends mostly upon it.

15. Gizmodo

This technology website covers design, science, and science fiction, and it was founded in 2002. This website was established to be the role of Gawker Media. However, its current owner is G/O Media, and its creator was Peter Dojas.

This website is available in 9 different languages and covers a wide variety of content, including technical specifications, reviews, and much more.

When we talk about this website’s traffic, it has a broad audience of 18.98 million. The numbers are increasing each day, and most of this audience is from The United States.

15. Mashable

This technical website was established in 2005 at Aberdeen, United Kingdom, and was founded by Pete Cashmore. It is engrossed as a multimedia platform and delivers content on technology, culture, and science.

The headquarters of this website are located in New York, United States. This website is based globally, and its content is concerning reviewing other sites, delivering technical news, and analyzing new products.

It has an enormous engagement of 13.06 million, and more than half of its viewers are based in The United States, and it is growing each day.

16. Engadget

Engadget was established in 2004 by Peter Rojas, who was the former founder of Gizmodo as well. This website is a blog that delivers content on multilingual technology and products.

It comes under the top 5 technical blogs among the best 100 lists, and The Times published it in 2010 to be the best technical blog of the year.

It is one truly great site for gathering quick and accurate information because of its user-friendly interface. When we speak of its engagement, it has a colossal audience of 29.62 million. However, it has been facing opposing traffic this month.

17. ReadWrite

ReadWrite is another most popular website for tech geeks and for peoples who love to learn about the blockchain and startups. It covers everything in these fields, and along with all these, it shares trending news in AI, blockchain, fintech, lifestyle, and product reviews.

They also have a dedicated option to submit your post related to your startup and emerging tech. The guest post submission is free, but if you’re in hurry and wanted to submit your article asap, then they charge $150 (which is refundable in case your article isn’t published on their website).

And when we talk about the traffic of the website, they’ve 300K monthly traffic from the United States and India. The traffic is okayish, but the content they provide is one of the top-notch in the market in a proper way.

18. The Next Web

Founded in 2006, The Next Web (TNW) is another most popular technology blog which you can follow for the latest technology news and trends. They also have an annual series of conferences focused on new technology and start-up companies in Europe.

And when we talk about the traffic of the website, it receives 5M traffic monthly and the majority of their users are from the USA.

So, if you’re looking for a website in technology, internet of things, development, coding, infrastructure, security, cloud category, I highly recommend you to follow this website.

19. TechSpot

Founded back in 1998, TechSpot is another most popular technology website which we can count in this article. They mainly share news in trending technology, reviews, the best guide, and app download categories.

Along with all these, the website has its own forum where people discuss about various things and ask their queries. Even when I talk about myself, even I’m active on their forum and share my expertise in various topics to help people out there.

And last, when we talk about the traffic of the website, the traffic of the website is decreased from 10M to 7M in the last 6 months. But still, the website is a top-notch corner for techy peoples like you!

20. Extreme Tech

Last but not least website on our list is ExtremeTech. ExtremeTech is one of the fastest-growing technology blogs and is one of the top-most destinations for news and analysis of emerging tech and science trends.

Along with it, they cover topics in hundreds of categories, including hardware, review, phones, computing, etc,. It is founded back in 2001 and is renowned as the best technology blog.

When we talk about the traffic of this website over the past few months, they receive 2.5M+ traffic every month with a slight growth and the majority of their users reside in the United States.

Bonus Sites

Here we’ve listed a few bonus sites which are fastest growing and providing users with a bunch of technology-related content to read.

You can also follow these sites for upcoming tech updates.

1. TechGYO

TechGYO.com is one of the leading Technology Web Publication that focuses on the latest trends and cutting-edge new products in the tech industry. Their journey began in 2009 and they have reached several millions of readers so far.

They publish content related to Tech, Gadgets, IoT, AI, Enterprise Tech, Cloud and Analysis of emerging trends in tech, and profiling of new tech products and businesses for enterprises and consumers.

The goal of TechGyo is to create high quality, multi-platform content geared towards the Internet Generation by simplifying complex technology to the commoners using vivid imaginative storytelling.

2. Tricky Enough

This technology blog was established in 2015 by Robin Khokhar, and since then, it has been delivering quality content and helps new bloggers.

This website posts content related to learning SEO optimization, tips for blogging, and understanding Internet marketing. It covers social media marketing and blogs related to the latest technologies, giving a highly impressive experience.

This website is recommended for all new writers and bloggers to learn more about increasing traffic on their websites and other blogging hacks.

3. Tegonity

Tegonity was found in 2014, and since then, this website has been actively posting about enhancing one’s networking and business.

Additional to posting content to guide people through Internet marketing, this website also conducts seminars and conferences to make things even apparent.

Not only does this website delivers blogs to guide people, but it also offers free logo making services. The developers work efficiently to provide unique and accurate content, and it has been rapidly increasing its audience.

4. Tech Rounder

Tech rounder, which was found in 2013 by Vipin PG, is a technology website that posts content relating to mobile applications, latest products, social media, and news.

It posts content on the latest headlines from the IT sector and suggests the best gadgets one can get. They have a query section where they ask people the topics they want to learn about and post about it.

This website posts the latest updates on android and ios devices and keeps its audience well revised, and the website is growing intensively.

5. Tech Arx

This website was established in 2014, and it delivers content on technology and gaming.

This website posts handy content, which is well on point most pre and most precise to the latest information. It is yet one of the most influential websites on the internet for gaming and technology.

This site serves a useful purpose in delivering great content that favors many opinions of the users.

This site is a complete package for all the gaming-related issues and updates. It is, by far, one of the most genuine and satisfactory sources of information.


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