Think beyond 160 characters in SMS, include links in mobile messaging

When it comes to SMS or mobile messaging, sometimes the 160 character limit is a little straining. Naturally, you have more to say than just 160 characters. This is where including links in your text message proves to be helpful. For a recipient, a link in an SMS opens the doors to great amount of information in seconds.

Links in bulkSMS means businesses using mobile have to no longer feel the restriction of 160 character limit. The instant benefit of including a URL in a text message is very obvious; include a link that can give a decent  amount of information, like your website. But what makes URLs and short links smart is what happens later. The reporting of message service won’t only tell you who clicked on the given link, but also what type of mobile devices are being used.

This great concept for  effective bulk SMS gives you the extra information you want to see after all your marketing efforts, whether it be with a phone call, an email or a follow up SMS from those who have acted upon your SMS.

Including links in text message has surfaced the way for businesses to say almost everything that they want to. For instance, a café can send their menu through a link to consumers with an exclusive offer or a feedback survey contained in the SMS. By checking the reports of the smart message service, you can easily find out who clicked through to the menu. This will help you know who is interested in your services and can be your next customer. You can also send a very targeted and tailored last minute campaign as a reminder.

With mobile forms and surveys provided, it is not only an effective and simple communication tool for brands, but also a user-friendly and sleek experience for the end user, starting with the easy click of a link in a transactional SMS gateway. Including links in your text message can also help you bring traffic to your website. In short, it will also help you in your online or SEO efforts.

In a research done by a reputed global market research and data company, it was found that approximately 70% of people have their mobile phone with them almost always. As a result, retrieving information and opinion from customers is a lot simple now. Unlike calls, letters and emails, now the information can be submitted back to you in no time while your customer takes the survey in the mobile form while travelling in a bus or in lunch break or waiting room.

The possibilities for your brand, when including links in text message have huge potential, irrespective of your sector or size. SMS have  become the medium of choice to transmit information, supported by the increased usage of mobile phones. So, don’t just limit your SMS campaign to 160 characters, include URL  and take your efforts to higher level with improved results and maximized success.