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The utilization of gadgets in instilling character of children using hypno parenting

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Effects of Electronic Gadgets on Children As Explained By the Experts of  Vision Care in Austin | The Center for Vision Development

1. Introduction
Globalization has the significant impact in human life. This change is seen from many different fields,
especially technology. The technology in the era of globalization today is very rapid progress. With
technology, human work can be facilitated [1]. According to Uno. & Lamatenggo educational
technology is not only the use of technology in education, but also the technology is part of the
educational technology [7]. This means that the educational technology is covering the technologies
used for the benefit of education and technology that is part of the educational technology. In this case,
the technology used for the benefit of education includes the electronic equipment in the form of
hardware or software, one is an electronic device which is already internationally i.e. the smartphone
Smartphone gadget is a technology that almost similar to a personal computer. Smartphone gadget
is a technology that helps human life in many different fields, one of which is in the field of education.
This gadget is not only used by adults but also children have use of this technology. This is one of the
impacts of habituating parents who let their children play gadget. In this habit, if not monitored
properly will have a negative effect for child’s development [6]. The use of gadgets for children not
only has negative impact but also positive impact if used properly and wisely. Parents have an
important role to utilize the gadget in instilling character of children, one of them using hypno
parenting technique.
2. Result and Discussion
Education is the most important thing for human beings. Through education, people raise their dignity
as human beings. Education should start since an early age even from inside the womb, due to the
growth and development of a child starts at parental level in the womb. Early childhood is an
important period of the beginning and fundamental throughout the growth and development of human life because the potential of children growing very fast at that age. In early age, the first steps to instill
and shape morals of children so that the children become individual with character. The characters
mean regarding someone’s personality. According to Koesoema suggests that the character is typical
values (know the value of virtue, want to do good, real good life, and have the good impact to the
environment) which is embedded in seen in its behavior [4]. Cultivation of character in children
depends on how the influence of the surrounding environment.
Along with the times that are accompanied by the development of information technology has
resulted in a shift in values and behaviour deviates happens to children, so parents, educational
institutions, and environment of community need to pay serious attention in building the children’s
character education. In this age of technology, smartphone gadget is an incredible tool. Smartphone
gadget is not only used to connect with other people but also has a lot of multimedia applications such
as watching videos, listening to music, and mostly used the smartphone gadget for browsing the
Internet. Not only adults, children also addicted with this technology. This gadget addiction can affect
the development and character of children so that it requires the planting of good character for children
in the utilization of using gadgets.
The gadget addiction has the signs, one of which according to Maulida there are six signs of
children addicted to gadgets. 1) children loses the desire for activity. 2), children talk about technology
continously, 3) tend to be frequently denied a command if it prevent them from accessing gadgets, 4)
sensitive or irritable, cause an easy mood change; 5) selfish, difficult to share time in use of gadgets
with others; 6) children often lie because they can not get away with their gadget, in other words
children will be look for any way to keep using gadget though interrupting their sleep time. If left
continuously then it will have an impact on children development. Parents have a very important role
in reducing the impact of using gadgets in children [8].
Many efforts are made to release gadget addiction in children. Efforts to release children from life
who are addicted to gadgets. Those efforts are 1) assisting children; 2) make a deal of time in the use
of gadget; 3) make a deal opening the features that will be opened; 4) good modeling of the parents; 5)
parents can always put gadget properly; 6) invites children to learn together. In addition, gadget can be
used to instill characters for children if use gadget well done and under parental supervision. The use
of gadget can be done by habituation from parents. One of the techniques that parents can do is hypno
parenting techniques. Hypno parenting is how to educate the children by providing positive
autosuggestions as expected of parents. Bianda Nadia said that hypno parenting comes from the word
hypnosis and parenting (educate) [2]. Hypno parenting is one of the applications of hypnosis for the
purpose of caring for and educating children (parenting). Hypnosis is done to this parenting, does not
have to make children fall asleep but simply use the phrase that suggest children with positive words,
thus it form a good behaviour anyway. According to Zubaedi hypno parenting begins with the process
of identifying the typology of child’s learning, or how children absorb information, whether in visual,
auditory or kinesthetic [8]. Furthermore, identification of children’s behavior is done. Armed with an
understanding of tendencies typologies and the identification of children’s behavior, then parents do
mentoring, coaching or children’s education. It is meaningless to increase interest in children’s
learning, hypno parenting can be done in 3 ways or approach.
The role of mentoring needs to be done by parents when their children play gadgets. The use of
gadgets is the result of parenting parents familiarize their children with gadgets while parents were
busy doing the activity and were not want to be disturbed. Parental assistance is very important
because at this time that parents can control children in using gadgets. In this way, parents accompany
children while playing gadgets and directs children to open features that serve education
corresponding to children’s development stage.
In the context of using gadgets, its hypno parenting techniques will greatly assist the roles and how to
deal with children. several ways and roles can be applied by parents in guiding the utilization of
a. Parents give understanding to children, about the sites and content which may be accessed by
children and which should not. In using gadgets, parents must accompany children so that children can be controlled in using gadgets. The parents give understanding to children with good
sentences both in accessing the site and the content that may be accessed. Thus children will get
used to access content that is appropiate for their age.
b. Parents take strict supervision/restrictions. The use of gadgets, especially at early childhood must
be in strict restriction or supervision by the parents. Parents control children when they playing
gadgets, where parents give time restrictions on children to play gadgets. This is done with the
intention that children are not only interact with their gadgets but also interact with people around
c. Parents are still required to be assertive, but remain gentle and patience. Parents have full control
of children when children is in the home, education, supervision, coaching done by parents in
children is a great responsibility for parents. Therefore, parents must take full esponsibility in
educating children in order to obey the rules or norms in our respective families [5]. In the use of
gadgets, parents make the rules about the time that allowed playing gadget. Then the parents will
remind communicatively to the children that the time to play gadget is over. If children is still
denied then parents can make children aware by using the gadget itself. Such use is by accessing a
site that contains about harm caused if the gadget play for too long. Parents can reveal a photo or
pictures are shown in the display of gadgets to children thus children will feel that indeed the use
of gadgets be bad for too long in them.
d. Parents execute educational value and or character building continuously, with full love to offset
the influence of the internet. The role of parents here are parents instill the values of education
with full of love by utilizing the gadget. When playing gadgets, parents direct children to access
sites which contain values education so that the child can understand well through the media.
e. Parents build a dialogue-communication as well as guarantee the presence of self intact and
continuous attention. The interaction in this case plays an important role in the implementation of
hypno parenting. Dialogue-communication between parent and children can foster a sense of
affection that can be felt by children so that children feels protected. Similarly, when children are
being busy with the world of gadget. When children play with gadgets, parents do interactions
with children using dialogue-communication to provide understanding on either of the sites that
may and may not be opened, the functions of the application on gadgets, the sites containing about
education and anything pertaining to education in accordance with children’s development. This
will become a habit for children so that children will always remember and implement what they
was taught by their parents.
f. Parents also need to hone and improve their competence; in terms of education and mentoring for
their children. In addition to the interactions with children, parents as provider of education for
children should also get an education for themselves. Parents can communicate with others or
sharing with people who are considered more know about children’s development to educate their
children. Education obtained can be applied by parents to their children at home. For example
parents use the method of singing to improve the intelligence of children, then parents will find the
song between parents and children with their gadget.
All steps in utilizing this gadget are taken as an effort to strengthen the cultivation of character in
children from an early age. Due to the success of education at home depending on how parents educate
their children. According to Enni Khairuddin that the success of parents in instilling the values of
goodness (character) depends greatly on how good of educating parents [3]. So with a good education
then the character of children will be well formed and also helpful to life when children grows into the
next stage.
3. Conclusion
Technological developments should be put to good use, especially if it used to help improve the
education of character in children. Technology can have a negative impact if used by children without
supervision and guidance of parents, and it can have a positive impact for children if used properly and
with supervision by parents. Parents have an important role in the utilization of the gadget to establish character’s children early on with the technique of hypno parenting that emphasizes on communication
between parents and children to create habituation that can shape the character of children.

Source:- iopscience.iop

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