Talking Point What Free May 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Are You After?

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T’is that time of the month yet again where we ask you to ponder which PlayStation Plus freebies you want in May 2017. We’re expecting the lineup to be revealed this coming Wednesday (26th April) ahead of a 2nd May roll out. Unfortunately the release schedule’s currently looking quite barren on that day, so your guess is as good as ours.

Could it be another month of Sony dipping into its archives? Consumer satisfaction is at an all-time low with the Instant Game Collection right now, but is the selection really as bad people make it out to be, or are expectations completely misaligned? The likes of Tearaway Unfolded and LittleBigPlanet 3, for example – both recent giveaways – are critical darlings.

We suppose the question is: what would make you happy in May 2017? Are there any games in particular that you’d be delighted with? Try to keep things relatively reasonable in the comments section below, and we’ll obviously bring you the full official lineup the second that it breaks. Stay tuned for that.

[Source:- Pushsquare]