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Why SuiteCRM is the finest among all other open source CRM?

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In a business, the relationship between a company and its customers play a significant role. That is why companies that engage more with their customers and keep track of everything with their customer relation management software tend to perform better than their counterparts. CRM software has become a need of the hour for most organization to synchronize their work flow to yield better productivity from every vertical.

Gone are the days of traditional marketing and operational strategies as technology has transformed everything. The perception, demand and behaviour of the customers have changed and they require better service and expect more. This is the reason that companies require CRM software to better their operations.

Talking of CRM there is this SuiteCRM that is considered the most efficient CRM software till now. It comes with features that are irresistible and highly beneficial for a business.  It can provide justifiable insight into customers and leads, make better conversions, increases sales and bring many other things to customer’s notification.  It has won the prestigious Bossie award in the category of best open source CRM, for two successive years i.e. in 2016 and 2015. It also said to have World’s best SuiteCRM mobile CRM app. It comes with a lot of features and allows you to put together all or selected SuiteCRM modules and build up settings based on user roles. This app can be procured for both Android & iOS devices.

As this is an open CRM it enables the user to connect with as many users they want. It is trusted and utilized throughout the sphere by a few of the supreme brands. SuiteCRM tool is finest Open Source CRM recognized due to its ever-changing constant innovation. So now arise the question that why SuiteCRM is best open source CRM ? To get the answers, let us have a look at following points.

Ease of Access and Support

No matter how brilliant a thing is, if it is not easily accessible for the normal people, than it is of no use. So it is the first thing to be kept in mind before finalizing a CRM. Rather than indulging to a complex system, the aim should be to get all the essential facilities with easier approach. Make a record of the way how simple or hard it is to get the features you need and exactly how many clicks it might take to run a simple job. Even if you have problem while using the software, you can contact the official who can provide free classes to you by some people who are experts in this field.

Pricing and Add-ons

SuiteCRM offers a range of major business add-ons that are indispensable such as USPS Integration, Chat Tool Integration, Asterisk Integration and much more. It releases four new upgrades every year which is free as it is an open source programme.

Using SuiteCRM will cost only 20% of what one needs to pay for CRM software. It is an open source platform, so it enables you to share with other people. You don’t have to pay for anything such as licence fee and there is no excessive per user selling charges for commoditised business logic.

Reporting and Analytics

With the help of this software, you will be able to manage the accounts of all the customers with much ease. You can set remainders and set mails that should be sent at regular intervals so that you can remain updated all the time. You can definitely figure some changes that are beneficial for the company while using this software for leads and deals.

Look for CRM software with reporting features which can be customized in order that you could easily see which kinds of clients are reacting and how workers are performing.

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