How To Start Preparing For JEE After 10th?

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When students clear or enter 10th standard, they set their ambition and career goal. Majority students in India aim to enter in top colleges for engineering as it is the most famous professional course. Students are aware of top colleges like IITs and NITs and their standard of education through teaching faculties, parents, friends, and relatives. Hence from the start of 10th standard, they aspire to enter IITs. Students with a technical mindset and interest in science stream wish to take-up engineering course and hence aspire to have seat in IITs.

Students should be aware that the path to enter IIT is not smooth and clear and hence one has to struggle in an educational career to reach the top creamy layer. JEE exam is the only source of entering the majestic educational giant – IIT. Cracking JEE main exam is the hardest since it is considered as the toughest competitive entrance examination. Hence preparation and coaching are insisted on the 10th class students itself.

As we know 10th is the foundation to pre-university education, it is also a foundation for competitive examinations. Knowledge of the concepts and topics of the 10th class gives you a better understanding of other advanced concepts. Class 10 is bridging the way of school syllabus and pre-university syllabus. When you are aiming for JEE main exam, make sure you enrol for the best online coaching or a normal IIT coaching center.

Join IIT coaching while you enter 10th, and have good command over the concepts that you studied in 8th and 9th class too. These concepts include Trigonometry, Probability, Algebra, Height, Motion, Distance, Energy and Power, Work, Sound, Atoms and Nuclei, Organic Chemistry and much more. The basic foundation is the need of every student and every entrance you appear for as you don’t have to answer essay type questions but multiple choice questions during your entrance. It is a fact that multiple choice questions need conceptual knowledge more than remembered knowledge.

Choose a college that gives impetus and special coaching for JEE exam. See the success percentage (number of students who have cleared JEE advanced and entered IIT). Enroll for these colleges to study 11th and 12th class. Follow online teaching of concepts for clear understanding by following YouTube Channels like BYJU’S!

Effective Self-study and group-study with like-minded JEE main exam aspirants will make you aware of the various ways to crack the exam and gives an idea about the preparation that you need to do.

Follow BYJU’S for all your learning. It includes concepts and topics that you require to crack JEE exam prepared by professional subject matter experts.