What Stands More Important for Cracking JEE?Working Hard Versus Working Smart

There are JEE students who passed the exam without having to study for long hours compared to those students who did not succeed to crack IITJEE exam even after studying for very long hours or whole day. But then, along with working hard you need to add lots of smart work while preparing for big entrance examinations like JEE.

When you combine both hard work and smart work while preparing for JEE exam, you are bound to succeed. No one has ever passed all-important JEE exams just by working hard. You need a mixture of these two in order to succeed in JEE.

Fundamentals of Working Smart

Smart work is as important as hard work. Learning about the procedures and design of JEE exam helps in cracking the examination.

  • Do not forget to make notes whenever you find something new during your practice.
  • Write down the errors you made.
  • Do some research and select topics that will give you more weight and score higher marks in theĀ JEE advanced admit card
  • Evaluate, estimate and examine the points where you find yourself weak to precede.
  • On weekdays, do not take up new topics to study, rather practice on what you had studied for at least 2 hours.
  • Keeping enough time for revision is also another way of smart work.
  • Select IIT JEE study materials instead of running after various study materials. Take part in many mock tests related to these materials until you become perfect.
  • On weekends, take up new topics to study where the mind is relaxed and study maximum 6 hours.
  • Practice continuously on your weak points.
  • Making good use of online materials instead of spending expensively on buying multiple books and vast materials which are not that useful is a type of working smart.
  • Spending time in discussions with your coaches, Subject matter experts and teachers in discussions of important topics and subjects that are most likely to happen in JEE

Fundamentals of Working Hard

Working hard is all about utilizing your abilities and giving your best in the preparation by knowing about the subjects and the papers and having to practice on them time and again until you achieve perfection in the results.

  • Make a firm plan.
  • Maintain your time, have clear concepts and goals.
  • Work on your purpose, ambition and target.
  • You must make a time table where you need to follow the rules strictly and religiously. This will make you achieve your target and thus make you happy.
  • Work hard and study hard and also make time to watch TV or listen to music etc.
  • Even if you attend IIT coaching course, make a study plan for yourself and follow it punctually.
  • Do not go with how much syllabus you covered up with the preparation, rather go for solid preparation of how well you have prepared with the syllabus you have covered.
  • By working hard you are contributing all your time covering the study materials.
  • Do revisions from past 2 to 3 years question papers.

Working Hard Versus Working Smart

It will be foolish to waste time on solving problems unconvincingly in IIT JEE exam, because in this exam you have to find out ways to save time while solving problems. So, in addition to working hard, you need to work smart to know the techniques to save time and other ways of solving problems. We need hard work to achieve anything we want in our life. Working hard with clear, goals, planning and targets etc., is a smart thing to do. So, smart work and hard work are inter-related. Both play a great part in the process of success in IIT JEE.


It is your responsibility to put both working hard and working smart, to use, and that way I can guarantee you 100%, you will end up successful in the JEE exam or for that matter, any competitive examinations you are planning to attempt. So, all I can advise you is the smartest way to crack IIT JEE entrance examination is to go ahead and continue giving your 100% confidence on your goals and dreams by working hard along with working smartly in the process.