Sony’s Leaked PlayStation 5 Dev Kit Design Has Been Rendered

Sonys Playstation 5 Digital Renders gaming sony PlayStation

Sony’s earlier-leaked PlayStation design has just received a digital rendering. Provided by the team over at LetsGoDigital, the render shows a screwless design with a plethora of air vents and blue LED lighting — it looks just like a mini PC gaming rig.

One of the key design elements of the PlayStation 5 patent can be seen at the top of the console where a large “V” shaped mold is present. This is not only supposedly for increased airflow to the tech-filled machine, but also a little gesture towards the Roman numeral for “five.”

The PS 5 is expected to have groundbreaking specs like 8K game capability, an 8-core AMD Ryzen processor, and an SSD for shorter loading times.

Take a look at the renders above and let us know if this is the PlayStation 5 you’ve been waiting for.