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Social Media Tips For A Life Coach Starting Their Business

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If you have recently become certified as a life coach and are now in the midst of building your brand and launching your business, then of course you probably have a basic understanding that you need to use the power of social media to the word out about your services. However, all to often many life coaches find themselves lost and confused about how to approach each platform in an effective way.

In this article we are going to examine the major social outlets and how they can best be used to serve your needs:


Of course, Facebook is the giant out of them all as it has positioned itself as the main network where all of us stay connected with family and friends. However, if you plan to target millennial and people under the age of 30, you should note that most of that audience has either moved to Instagram or SnapChat.

But, if you plan on targeting people over the age of 30, then Facebook is the place to be. The most important factor to consider when using this outlet is that (currently), they love live videos.

What does this mean?

The platform recently launched a new feature that allows you to broadcast live to your audience. Because it is a new feature, they will give you a wider reach at no extra cost since they want people to start using this.

So if you plan on doing video content for your life coaching business, then make sure you use this feature.


In the past, Instagram has mostly been about pictures. However, they now want to compete with YouTube as a video platform which means just like Facebook, they plan on giving preference to their video content.

This is actually good for you as a life coach and here is why: Because Instagram was notoriously just images, this would have made it more difficult for you to talk to your audience. But now with their video streaming, you can instantly connect with this audience and establish deeper and more meaningful connections.


Twitter is all about engaging in conversations. Yes, they do have the ability to upload photos and videos, but the platform was built as a newsfeed where you could have short discussions about current events.

Out of the three platforms mentioned, this one is not ideal for life coaches but it can still be used. That being said, if you are starting out then you should definitely focus on Facebook or Instagram first since it has plenty of reach for you to generate new leads for your business.

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