Skype Preview for Android and iOS Adds Reactions, Integrated Camera, and More

Skype Preview for Android and iOS Adds Reactions, Integrated Camera, and More

With several popular messaging apps gaining video call capability, Microsoft has been pushing some much needed improvements to its Skype app. The company on Thursday announced Skype Preview app (in beta) for Android and iOS which will let users test some new features before anyone else.

Skype Preview for Android and iOS is now available for users with features such as in-call reactions, integrated camera, messaging reactions, and find panel. For those interested, Skype Preview for Android is now available to download on Google Play. For Apple users, Skype Preview for iOS is available in limited capacity through Apple’s TestFlight. Skype users on iOS can apply to become a Skype Insider for iOS and will get an email invitation to download the preview app.

The all-new in-call reactions will let you add live emoticons, live text and real-time photos to video calls. The integrated camera allows users to quickly swipe and launch the camera. Skype Preview will also let users add emoticons, stickers and annotations on top of photos. The new messaging reactions will allow you to respond to any message from contacts with multiple reactions. The new Skype Preview also brings find panel which will allow users to find and share links, news, sports results, restaurants, the weather, videos and more without leaving the app.

Skype clearly mentions that the new features are being tested through the new Skype Preview app for Android and iOS. “We want you to see these innovations first before we introduce them to the rest of Skype. We also have new enhancements and features already in the pipeline,” wrote Skype team in an announcement blog post.

Microsoft last year had confirmed that Skype will be getting talking bots in 2017. Skype calling API will be made available to its partners which will mean that consumers will get more ways to interact with services on Skype.

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]