Seniors take on new technology

A group of seniors learn about new technologies to better communicate with their friends and family Sunday, May 7, 2017, in Bakersfield, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Seniors can have a pretty big learning curve when it comes to using technology like iPads or diving into the world of social media. The residents at Brookdale Senior Living are shortening the curve, though.

A tech workshop where residents get hands-on experience is taught by Brenda Malin.

They also meet in small groups and take monthly trips to the Apple Store to have their tech questions answered by experts.

The goal of the workshop is to help improve their quality of life.

The seniors plan to use their new found tech skills to help one another.

“I can depend on the other residents, if they know the answer to be able to lean over and show the person besides them how to do it,” said Malin.

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