The Only ‘As Seen on TV’ Kitchen Gadgets That Are Actually Worth Buying

When “as seen on TV” gadgets work, they rule. Let’s face it: Anything that can make life easier in these hectic times is a lifesaver. What really stinks is when you get a cool new item and it’s a fail.

Because you’re likely always on the lookout for cool stuff in the “as seen on TV” aisle at your local big box store — or via TV — we’ve made it easier for you to choose what to buy. To do that, we tapped into Women’sHealthmagazine reviews and the Good Housekeeping Institute’s list of what’s good and what’s a waste of money.

Keep reading to find seven “as seen on TV” items for the kitchen that might just be worth their weight in gold.

1. Ronco Electric Food Dehydrator

Ronco Electric Food Dehydrator

Perfect for veggie chips or dried fruit | Amazon

If you’ve wanted to try a food dehydrator for years, $30 will get you started. The Ronco Electric Food Dehydrator might be just the right kitchen gadget for making everything from beet, kale, zucchini, and squash veggie chips to drying your favorite fruits for healthy, yummy snacking ops.

The dehydrator features five trays, so you’ll have plenty of space to dry whatever you like. In addition, it’s super quiet, according to Women’s Health, so you don’t have to worry about any annoying noises. Unless, of course, you have kids.

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2. ShamWow

Shamwow 8 Piece Set

Glad the product lives up to the commercials | Amazon

What holds up to 13 times its weight in liquid? No, not a baby diaper. ShamWow is a cleaning rag that sucks up liquid like nobody’s business. It’s a great for kitchen spills and comes in handy when you’re facing a tough, wet cleanup job.

When the Good Housekeeping Institute put the ShamWow through its paces, it found that the product sucked up more liquid than it even advertises, which is 12 times its weight. On the downside, the GH Institute determined that it lost some of its absorbency after 10 washings. In addition, it found that the ShamWow absorbs better when it’s completely dry and that it’s great for cleaning electronics.

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3. Magic Bullet Nutribullet


Make the perfect smoothie to go. | Nutribullet

Powerful and easy to use, the Magic Bullet Nutribullet is a kitchen gadget that can make your kitchen life so much easier. Use it to chop hearty produce or make a smoothie in the morning. When you make your smoothie, you can just blend it right in the cup and get out the door.

The Nutribullet is also small, so it doesn’t take up much valuable counter real estate. Chop, grind, whip, mix, and blend to your heart’s content with this must-have kitchen product — then use the cups and mugs that come with it to eat or store what you make.

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4. Ove Glove

Ove' Glove Hot Surface Handler

Don’t worry about dropping your dinner. | Amazon

If you’re in a kitchen a lot, chances are you’ve burned yourself — even if you’ve used pot holders. Don’t make that mistake again by using pot holders that aren’t up to par.

Instead, opt for the Ove Glove and grab the hottest thing you can find with confidence. Its flame-resistant outer layer will stand up to the heat and protect your hands. Make sure you use it for outside barbecues, too.

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5. Copper Pasta Boiler Pot

Copper Pasta Pot Cookware-Stockpots

Takes the worst part of pasta making out of the equation | Amazon

When making pasta, there’s always that moment when you have to drain it. Walking from your stove to the kitchen sink with a boiling pot of water is scary. And dumping it out while you’re standing too close will give you a face sauna you likely won’t enjoy.

The Copper Pasta Boiler Pot is a cool kitchen gadget that takes the danger out of draining pasta. Here’s how it works: You use the lock-on lid when you’re draining the noodles, then you just add your sauce — and whatever else strikes your fancy — to the same pot and mix it up. Voila, easy peasy pasta.

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6. Grab It Reaching Aid

Grab It | Ratcheting, Grabber, Reaching Aid, Grabbing, Reaching, Pick Up Tool

Perfect for grabbing things you can’t reach. | Amazon

This product is a must-have for every household — even if you don’t use it to reach things. Of course, it’s mighty handing for grabbing things you can’t reach, like that sock that dropped behind the washing machine. Or you can use it to help you change a light bulb. Or to reach those jars that are high up in the kitchen cabinets. Or even to pick up trash on the ground.

The Grab It Reaching Aid delivers a lot for $32, including the ability to sneak up behind someone and, well, grab them — now that’s good humor. Whatever you use it for, it’s genius.

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7. Vidalia Chop Wizard

Vidalia Chop Wizard

Make easy guacamole in no time. | Amazon

Stop crying in the kitchen; use the Vidalia Chop Wizard kitchen gadget to get those onions chopped posthaste — without the tears. The Chop Wizard will also chop your vegetables and fruits into nice, even pieces. Even if you have mad knife skills, this product will save on prep time and make your life easier. And you get all that for just $19!