Scottish teachers and lecturers paid £600,000 in compensation


Teachers and lecturers across Scotland were paid more than £600,000 in compensation for injuries – including from assaults and accidents – at work in the past year.

Payments to members of the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) union included £55,000 to a teacher assaulted by a pupil.

It was said to have happened when the teacher attempted to calm the pupil.

Many payouts were due to injuries caused by accidents.

They included £12,000 for a knee fracture caused by tripping over a metal door wedge and the same amount for a broken arm caused by slipping on black ice in a school car park.

Another award was £12,500 for back pain caused by carrying a heavy box without handles.

The total payouts to EIS members for the year reached £608,925.

‘Entirely avoidable’

EIS general secretary Larry Flanagan said: “This year’s figure of over £600,000 in compensation for teachers and lecturers injured at work demonstrates that there is still a long way to go towards the aim of eliminating workplace injuries in our schools, colleges and universities.

“The most common cause of injuries continues to be accidents such as slips, trips and falls.

“These are also the types of incidents that are entirely avoidable with correct adherence to appropriate health and safety procedures in the workplace.

“Schools, colleges and universities will never be entirely risk-free but it is essential that all facilities are as safe as possible for learners and staff alike.”

Mr Flanagan denied the payouts were an indication of a compensation culture.

He said the compensation amounts would be reduced if insurance firms took less time to admit liability.

[Source:- BBC]