SA teachers agree to pay rise and increased resources under new enterprise agreement

Union members have voted to accept a new three-year deal giving public school and preschool teachers more pay and increased resources, the Australian Education Union SA branch says.

Key points:

  • SA teachers sign new three-year deal
  • Deal includes 2.5 per cent pay rise and $10 million per year for resources
  • Union says deal will help with retention rates

Under the deal, teachers will receive a two-and-a-half per cent pay rise and there will be new measures to alleviate the administrative workload of principals and school leaders.

The union said there will also be $10 million per year for resources to help students with additional needs and learning difficulties.

Union president Howard Spreadbury said after nine months of negotiations with the State Government, the deal is a win for both teachers and students.

“If you’ve got teachers who are getting less burdened by workload, they’ve got more time to prepare, particularly for those students with additional needs,” Mr Spreadbury said.

“And to write an individual plan and adapt the curriculum, then it’s always going to be good for students as well.”

Mr Spreadbury said the enterprise agreement would also help with teacher retention and attraction.

“These are much-needed investments to support leaders, teachers and support staff in delivering high-quality public education,” he said.

“We need to continue to attract the best and the brightest to teaching careers and encourage them to become the leaders of the future.

“By improving both pay and conditions in this agreement, we are confident we can do that.”

Other highlights of the deal include increased funding for preschool directors and a further $1 million a year for student support programs in preschools.

[Source:- abcnetau]