Reigns 2 Announced; Free Expansion for Reigns to Release in February

Reigns 2 Announced; Free Expansion for Reigns to Release in February

Reigns is one of the better games on Android and iOS we’ve played in awhile. So much so that it found itself on our Best Games of 2016 list. It appears that developer Nerial isn’t one to rest on its laurels.

A sequel to Reigns, tentatively titled as Reigns 2 is in development, Nerial confirmed this in an interview with French YouTube channel The Nayshow. It will have you in role of a queen, a massive shift from the first game that only let you rule as a king. In order to make this work, Nerial has brought a writer on board to tackle what this change of perspective could present players.

Furthermore, Reigns itself will get a new expansion pack in February. Expect more content in way of cards, characters, and creatures to uncover.

Reigns’ strength is the crisp and enjoyable writing that’s full of sly jokes, which play on your expectations and tell a novel story in a completely new way. It might be a choose-your-own-adventure novel by way of Tinder, but it’s a great match, and it feels incredibly comfortable on a mobile device — which is where it really shines.

Ever so often mobile games have been hamstrung by counter-intuitive interfaces and a degree of complexity that’s off putting, and this is one of the rare games that’s right at home on mobile platforms. More so when you realise that it uses smart aesthetics and presentation to essentially create a strategic resource management sim.

With a fresh perspective to Reigns 2, it will be interesting to see how Nerial improve on what seems to a fine-tuned formula. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long to find out.

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