Real Cricket 16 Hits 10 Million Downloads, New Game Modes Coming Soon

Real Cricket 16 Hits 10 Million Downloads, New Game Modes Coming Soon

One of the better cricket game series in recent memory, Real Cricket, just hit a crucial milestone with the latest game, Real Cricket 16. The game has crossed 10 million downloads on Google Play. While the Real Cricket franchise has had a dedicated, hardcore following, it’s perhaps a sign that it’s popularity has gone beyond its usual set of fans. The last game, Real Cricket 14 clocked a million downloadsin 50 days.

But what should be of bigger interest is the fact that the game has reduced the frequency of its ads after a resounding amount of user feedback. Furthermore, a new update is in the works that will bring the following features to the game. These include replays, Hawk Eye, a wagon wheel for better representation of your stats, along with slip and keeper catches. New game modes will also be added such as Challenge of the Day, Tour Mode, Pakistan Premier League, and Bangladesh Super League. And if this wasn’t enough, the game will get a brand new user interface as well as a Google Game Services Leaderboard.

Like most things on mobile app stores, there’s no concrete release date for this massive update until Google approves of it. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

With most Indian game releases being a flash in a pan – sporting relatively large day one downloads with little to no sustainability after the initial push, it’s interesting to see a team as small as Nautilus’ being able to retain and engage its user base long enough to warrant additional features.

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]