Ranking Google Maps for your Business


It is stunning how certain businesses do not recognize the importance of Google maps and the effect they have on the result ranking in the search engine. With a unique search term which has thousands of searches per month, isn’t it wonderful that your business can still be on top of Google search results without having to pay the money that most websites do to get advertised on Google. Your business listing would appear as top result with the map placing. Isn’t that a stride favourable to your business?

Your business might range from hospitality to hair salon to automobile repair or software services, as long as the business is placed out of a city, you can create a listing. The huge question is if the first page results on the search engine are of real worth of you, and how much exactly would they pay off? It may range from negligible to a substantial amount, the point remaining it is extra income which is also promoting your business for free. In other words – it is free marketing.

How to determine whether your business will benefit from this model of marketing?

You must perform a Google search by the name of your business and the area and wait to see if a map appears listing your business, and if it does, will it appear still for slightly varied search terms? You must then research on whether the term is a popular keyword and how many searches are performed in a specific period for that term. Are there people really looking for that product or service in your area? Be sure to narrow down the area you serve since most people will search with exact name of the suburb they want the product or service in, so keep narrowing down from larger to smaller demographics till you find a keyword with enough search frequencies to reach out to more people with your business.

If you have zeroed in on a term with a great search frequency, you must by now be sure that appearing as a top result on the search engine will definitely do your business some good and it is only in the best interest of your business to set up for it a Google+ Page

Once you are sure, the following step should be to go to Google map maker and mark your business on the map, filling out any details or description about your business that makes it stand out and have customers reach you.

The next step required is to get that listing verified from Google which can be done by varied processes depending on which country you belong to. It can mostly be done on phone, but with certain locations you may have to wait for a post card to arrive which may take up to a month, so there is some patience involved.

In locations where you are to receive the post card, once it has arrived, you have to verify the business and you can immediately start uploading the content related to your business on the relevant Google+ page. You have to be sure however that the description on the page is coherent with the keyword search terms that you had researched upon earlier. This way you list your business for free on Google and leave all relevant details for prospective clients to contact you. It may at first seem tedious, but with how many people it is reaching out to, it is a definite try.