PS4 news: Great update for PlayStation gamers following shock Sony news

Playstation news

The PlayStation 4 continues to reap dividends from its library of exclusive console games.

It was recently revealed that God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man have been nominated in the GDC Awards.

These two PS4 games are perfect examples of Sony managing to offer console-selling titles that are not available on Nintendo Switch, PC, or Xbox One.

They won’t be the only reason for strong sales – which have reportedly topped 90 million units sold – but are certainly important when it comes to new console owners making a decision on what to buy.

Quantic Dream, the French developers behind Detroit: Become Human, have started to tease news for 2019.

Become Human has sold over 2 million copies so far on PS4 and remains a unique title that can only be played on the Sony platform.

And this new message from the developers suggests more news is planned for the coming months.

“Thank you all for a FABULOUS year 2018! We shall be back soon with some great news. Stay well and happy, share your passion and love! Stay tuned…” the Quantic Dreams message reads.

The studio’s founder also posted a cryptic message on Twitter offering the same hint, with David Cage posting: “2018 has been an amazing year for Quantic Dream, thanks to you. We have plans to make 2019 very exciting too!”

Could this be teasing new DLC content for the PS4 games exclusive? Or something much bigger for the future?

As always, it’s hard to guess exactly what these messages mean, although some fans are hoping it might be linked Quantic Dream being acquired by Sony.

And this wasn’t the only rumour teasing new things for Sony PlayStation that surfaced this week.

A new patent filed by Sony appears to show the company looking at changing their Dualshock controller design.

The patent features details of a controller boasting a touchscreen where the current touchpad can be found.

The gaming controller patent was filed in October 2018 but doesn’t offer much on what the new touchscreen would be used for.

It seems likely it would function like the Wii U, and could perhaps include some kind of remote play functionality too.

New controllers patents have been found

New Sony controllers patents have been found (Image: SONY)

While Sony PlayStation has changed how their controllers function in the past, this new patent doesn’t necessarily mean it will be included in the PS5.

Companies file patents regularly that are never used in commercial products. So at the moment this only provides a small glimpse at what the tech giant is currently tinkering with.

Sony is rumoured to be working on a new console that will launch in 2020 and will be announced later this year.

This will reportedly include a system that will launch with an upgraded PlayStation VR headset and come with an assortment of exclusive launch titles.

These are rumoured to include The Last of Us Part 2, although all of these details remain rumours at this time.

Sony has not provided much on what they have planned for the next-gen of gaming, only that they will be hosting their own events in 2019.

What we do know is that the company are currently recruiting for an exciting new games project.

A new first-party team is being put together to work on something that sounds a lot like Uncharted.

That doesn’t mean it has anything to do with the series, only that Sony PlayStation is hoping to match its scope.

What's coming next to the PS4 games list?

A Lead Character Artist is needed at Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation, with numerous references made to joining the team behind hits like Uncharted and The Last of Us.

Here’s the official job description, which reads: “Sony PlayStation Visual Arts provides world-class content, development and services to Worldwide Studios.

“We offer a full-service production studio with an emphasis in art, animation, as well as previsualization, character creation, motion capture, software development, face/body scanning, tracking and solving.

“We are looking for a highly talented, motivated and creative Lead Character Artist for the next chapter of cinematic story-telling.

“Here is your chance to be a part of the multi-award winning team responsible for the cinematic performances in premier Sony PlayStation franchises like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Killzone, and other iconic series.

“Our team is always at the cutting edge of technology and partners with the industry’s best minds and companies: Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studios, Guerrilla Games, Japan Studios, and other Sony PlayStation first-party studios.

“This is your opportunity to work closely with game and film industry professionals from all over the world and under one roof.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man limited edition PS4 pro-bundle

It was recently reported that PS4 sales might have passed the 90-million mark during the end of 2018.

This number would have been achieved over the holiday period when it was reported that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo sold more than 1.3 million consoles each.

That’s without factoring in sales in December, which are expected to be positive for all the major console makers.

Sony PlayStation has also been backed to sell over 17 million PS4s during 2019.

If this were achieved with the estimated 90 million sold, it would put the PlayStation 4 at around 107 million units sold.

That would push it past the Nintendo Wii and original PlayStation but would not make it the best-selling Sony console of all time.

That is reserved for the PS2, which holds the record with over 155 million units sold during its lifetime.

Even with those recent impressive sales numbers, beating the PS2’s record is probably beyond the PS4, especially with the PlayStation 5 on the horizon.