Prime Day Nostalgia: Get the PlayStation Classic for $19.99

Amazon Prime Day doesn’t want you to forget about the ’90s. Right now you can own the PlayStation Classic for $19.99—that’s $40 off the original price.

PlayStation Classic: was $59.99 now $19.99 @ Amazon
Relive the ’90s with this modern revival of the PlayStation Classic. For $19.99, Amazon is practically giving away this pre-loaded game console.

Maybe you had a PlayStation when you were young, or maybe you were a Nintendo 64 kid instead. But when you take this tiny console out of its tiny box, giddy with nostalgia, absolutely none of that matters.  Adults and kids alike will cherish the first time they fire up this retro gaming console.

The PlayStation Classic comes loaded with 20 games, including Final Fantasy Vll, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms. Though you can’t install any others, for $19.99 it’s well worth the trip down Sony memory lane.

In our PlayStation Classic Review, we appreciated the build quality and the fact that you get two controllers in the box. But we didn’t like the limited save states and the game roster. At less than $20, those foibles are much more forgivable.