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Prey for PS4, Windows PC, and Xbox One Out Now: What You Need to Know

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Prey for PS4, Windows PC, and Xbox One Out Now: What You Need to Know

Sci-fi shooter Prey is finally out for the PS4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Despite the title, its actually a reimagining of a 2006 shooter by the same name. And while the first Prey was a cult classic, it’s follow up Prey 2 was in development limbo until a tumultuous series of events resulted in it being handled by Arkane — the studio behind Dishonored and Dishonored 2.

Prey release time

Unlike previous big budget releases, Prey unlocked relatively early on PC, being playable on Steam from 12am CET on March 5 (4:30am IST on March 5). The PS4 and Xbox One versions could be played at midnight local time on March 5. So if you were holding out till the game was available digitally to play right after downloading, you don’t have to.

Prey PS4 Pro review

In our review of the game, we found it to be worth buying, particularly if you’re a fan of System Shock, BioShock, or Deus Ex.

None of Prey’s elements stand out on their own, but they work well in cohesion. Progressing through the story was a treat. Without spoiling much, there are a fair number of plot twists that keep you engaged. This is backed up with slick controls, responsive gunplay, cool neuromods, and stellar level design.

Prey PS4, Windows PC, and Xbox One price

Prey’s price is Rs. 3,999 on the PS4, Windows PC, and Xbox One ($60 in the US). Although you can get the PC version cheaper on disc as it sells for Rs. 2,999. Unlike Arkane’s previous game, Dishonored 2, Prey seems to be a competent PC port. Our Prey PC impressions should be up shortly detailing what you can expect.

Prey day one patch

On Tuesday, the game received its first patch weighing in at 1.296GB. Aside from updating the game to version 1.01 it brings a host of changes. These include modifications to enemy AI, preventing them from shooting through walls, weapon fixes, updates to how powers can be used, as well as fix for the game’s sound design that some found jarring during the Prey demo.


Prey day one bonuses

The game has a few pre-order bonuses bundled together as the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack, which are a part of the first run of physical copies as well. This is what you get.

Prey Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack contents:

  • Margrave shotgun
  • Shotgun shell ammo plans
  • Starter fabrication materials
  • Recycler shielding chipset
  • Three TranStar neuromods
  • Two medkits

Will you be playing Prey, or are you checking out the other games releasing in May instead? Let us know in the comments.




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