PlayStation Network is down for many PlayStation 4 owners

PlayStation Network is down for a significant number of PlayStation 4 players around the world. Fans are complaining across social media about the outage. But so far, Sony’s status site is not confirming the PSN-down status.

These connection errors are preventing players from getting online to play multiplayer games like FIFA and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. PS4 owners are also encountering issues logging in to primarily single-player games that require a connection to an authentication server.

If you check the PlayStation Status page, however, it continues to say that “All services are up and running.” But dozens of people per minute are asking why PSN is down on sites like Twitter. This outage comes on the cusp of evening in Europe, and that is where the bulk of the social-media complaints are coming from.

When attempting to log into PSN, many people are seeing an error message. That notice says that Sony has PSN undergoing maintenance. But it is unlikely that this is scheduled maintenance because Sony gave no prior public warning.

source: venturebeat