PlayStation Boss Explains Strategy Behind PS5 Logo

Image result for PlayStation Boss Explains Strategy Behind PS5 LogoSony recently unveiled the logo for the PlayStation 5, a logo which wasn’t too surprising if you’re familiar with the logos for past generations of PlayStation devices. It’s simply “PS5” and is stylized just like the “PS4” logo is, so the branding has remained consistent in that regard. Jim Ryan, the CEO and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, recently discussed the new logo in an interview and said it was this type of consistency that Sony was shooting for when creating and unveiling the new logo.

Ryan spoke to Business Insider Japan (translation via Gematsu) about the PlayStation 5’s logo and other parts of the console in an interview shared this week. The CEO and president said people should be able to look at the logo and immediately recognize it as something related to the PlayStation brand.

“It is important to give off a sense of consistency for products within the PlayStation brand,” Ryan said. “It is a must for anyone who sees [the logo] to immediately and positively think, ‘That’s PlayStation.’”

He continued to say Sony has an “obligation” to keep PlayStation 4 owners invested and interested in PlayStation, and having the logo look so similar to the one for the current generation of consoles aligns with that goal.

Sony revealed its PlayStation 5 logo just a few days ago at the big CES event. Nobody really expected it to look much different from the one for the PlayStation 4, but it got roasted on social media regardless as people joked about how similar it was to the logos we’ve already.

Some quips about the logo probably would’ve been made regardless of what it looked like, but the focus was solely on this part of the console since that’s all Sony revealed at the event. While Microsoft has already unveiled the Xbox Series X, Sony hasn’t shown off the PlayStation 5’s appearance. With only the logo to talk about after the event, that’s exactly what people went after, even if the branding consistency makes perfect sense.

Whenever the console’s features are fully revealed, it sounds as though there may be some surprises there. Ryan teased in the same interview that the most unique features of the console haven’t been announced yet, though considering how little has been announced, that could mean anything.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is scheduled to launch during the holiday season of this year.