OnePlus 6T to Launch in October as T-Mobile Exclusive in the US, Continue Higher Price Trend: Report

OnePlus 6T to Launch in October as T-Mobile Exclusive in the US, Continue Higher Price Trend: Report

The price of the OnePlus 6T is tentatively set at $550 (OnePlus 6 – Representational)


  • OnePlus 6T may hit the markets in October 2018
  • The smartphone will reportedly come with a $550 price tag
  • OnePlus to have an exclusive deal with US carrier T-Mobile

OnePlus’ next smartphone, anticipated to be called the OnePlus 6T, will reportedly launch in October this year. While the unveiling of the successor to OnePlus 6 is not far off, a new report has provided more details on the upcoming smartphone. The OnePlus 6 had arrived in May 2018, and given the company’s launch schedule in the last couple of years, the five-month gap does not seem surprising. Additionally, the trend with higher prices will apparently continue as the price of the handset is expected to go up to $550 (roughly Rs. 38,400). However, the most interesting thing to look forward to is that the OnePlus 6T will reportedly be backed by a major US carrier for the first time, in this case, T-Mobile.

Citing people “familiar with the launch plans,” a CNET report claims that T-Mobile will be the exclusive US carrier partner for the OnePlus 6T. There will reportedly be a OnePlus 6T variant especially optimised for T-Mobile’s network, while the standard version of the new handset will be able to run on AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s networks. This means the smartphone will support the telecom operator’s 600MHz band.

OnePlus has reportedly signed a deal with T-Mobile, meaning that the OnePlus 6T will the first smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer to be sold by a US-based network operator. The only issue with the US launch could come from the testing required by T-Mobile to get certification on the network. OnePlus is said to be in the process of getting a “technical approval”.

As mentioned, the report also adds that the phone will arrive with a $550 price tag, though the price has not been finalised yet. The smartphone’s price is a $21 (roughly Rs. 1,500) increase from the OnePlus 6’s price tag in the US. Notably, the CNET report does not provide any information about the OnePlus 6T’s specifications and features.