Next Major PlayStation 4 System Update On The Way: Do You Want To Be A PS4 Version 5.0 Beta Tester?

Sony has started working on the next major PlayStation 4 system update, with a beta test soon to be launched.

Gamers who would like to get an early look at what the PlayStation 4 version 5.0 update will offer can now sign up as beta testers, before testing begins in early August.

PlayStation 4 Version 5.0 Update

Sony announced the development of PlayStation 4 version 5.0 update through a post on the official PlayStation blog.

While Sony has not yet revealed any information on what players can expect from the firmware update, there will surely be new features and improvements coming to PlayStation 4.

For the last major update, PlayStation 4 version 4.50, Sony introduced a long list of upgrades and features, including Boost Mode to stabilize frame rates and load times on the PlayStation 4 Pro, improvements to the PlayStation VR, voice chat for Remote Play, external HDD support, and custom wallpaper.

The PlayStation 4 version 5.0 update will likely come with an even more impressive list of additions, with Sony stating that it will share more information on what gamers can expect from the software upgrade soon.

How To Sign Up As A Beta Tester For PlayStation 4 Version 5.0

While waiting for Sony to reveal more details, gamers who would like to be among the first ones to experience what PlayStation 4 Version 5.0 will offer can now sign up as a beta tester.

Sony has created a dedicated page for players interested in becoming a beta tester. However, it should be noted that completing the enrollment form does not necessarily guarantee a spot within the beta testing of PlayStation 4 version 5.0.

Players who will apply as a beta tester will need to be at least 18 years old, and have access to the Master account of the PlayStation 4 console that will be used. It was initially reported that beta testers will need to be a PlayStation Now subscriber, but Sony has since added an option for applicants to state if they are not signed up for the service. This might mean that the PlayStation 4 version 5.0 update will feature a new functionality related to PlayStation Now, and it has been clarified that subscription to the service is not a requirement for beta testing.

PlayStation 4 owners who are selected to participate in the beta program will receive an email with a voucher code and instructions on how to launch the test. Players who decide to drop out of the program can roll back to PlayStation 4 version 4.50 anytime.