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You Have New Leads. What’s Next?

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Congratulations! You’ve finally built an effective marketing channel that generates leads. However, as much as 75 percent of the people who give you their contact information isn’t ready to buy from you. Whether they still don’t know what they need to solve their problems, or they haven’t decided where to buy from, these people need more information to make a buying decision.  

You need to build a relationship with your leads and hold their hands on their buyers’ journey that will turn them from simple website visitors into buyers and happy customers. With a cohesive message and some lead nurturing tips, you can convert more than 25 percent of your leads.

Contact People at The Right Time

Lead nurturing is time sensitive. The sooner you contact your new subscribers, the higher your likelihoods to start a business relationship. According to HubSpot, you have 21 times more chances to generate a qualified lead and begin a sale process when you contact your lead within five minutes than if you waited 30 minutes before sending an email.

Automated workflows can help you to get in touch with your prospects at the right time. This way, you can connect with your prospect when they want, at any hour or day of the week.

Use Personalized Messages to Connect with Your Leads

Personalization has the potential to bring in new customers and increase your revenues significantly. Studies have shown that personalized emails have 29 percent higher open rates than regular emails. Better than that, they also register 41 percent more click rates than emails which lack any form of customization.

Segmentation can help you to personalize your email, as it allows you to provide context to your messages. When you take the time to separate leads based on their interests and needs, you’re more likely to open great conversations with your prospects. Besides adding the lead’s name in the email, you can build your messages based on your history with that lead.

Use Your Content to Educate

Lead nurturing campaigns aren’t meant to push contacts into sales. What you need is a stable relationship so that your leads buy from you when they’re ready. Creating all your content with this idea in mind is essential to your success.

Your content – blog posts, infographics, webinars, tutorials – should educate and offer value to potential buyers. People haven’t given you their contact information to be marketed, but to get some benefits. Make sure they receive that, and you’ll convert them into buyers at the right time.

A lead needs between six and eight touches to make a buying decision. Make sure you have enough content to supply all these interactions. Furthermore, it would help if you considered other marketing channels but email when connecting with your leads. Social media, direct mail, or live chat could help you to consolidate your relationship with a lead.

Measure and Improve Regularly

Tracking conversations is a crucial step in any lead nurturing campaign. It gives you valuable information about the way your leads interact with your content. Based on this data, you can decide how to improve your email copy, your CTAs, the time of sending the emails, or other elements that can influence a person’s behavior. Programs like https://www.heymarket.com/integrations/hubspot/ make this type of data easy to track and learn from.

When you measure your lead nurturing efforts, you give important data to both your marketing and sales teams. These departments need to work together and align their strategies to provide each contact with excellent experience with your brand.

Lead nurturing is putting the customer in the center of your business. You need to identify your leads’ needs. What made them register on your website in the first place? When you know the pain points, you can build useful content, deliver it in time, and establish trust with people to increase conversions and generate more sales.  

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