MP: Police arrest gang of thieves, recover gadgets from well

Madhya Pradesh Police has recovered electronic items like an LED television, camera, electronic gadgets and Aadhar card from a well in Damoh area of Madhya Pradesh.

Police have identified a gang of thieves who used to rob things from houses and trains. During interrogation, the leader of the gang said that they threw many such stolen items, that were not of their use, in the well.

Upon information, police searched the well and found many electronic items in it. The thieves were accused of three big robberies a few days ago. When the police interrogated the thieves, they admitted to many other robberies.

Many stolen items including electronic equipment were recovered from the well one by one.

The thieves revealed that they used to keep the useful goods including cash and jewellery and threw unusable items into the well.

According to the police, the accused were caught on the basis of the last three robberies they had committed. They also confessed to committing the crime on a train.