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Important Applications of Motion Solutions in the Packaging Industry

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Businesses in the packaging industry know the importance of being efficient. Cutting down the packaging process by even one second can spell the difference between finishing a batch on time or missing deliveries.A big part of being efficient comes with the automation services: there are a number of alternatives to manual packaging methods that not only save time but also minimize costly mistakes.

Parts quality and consistency is a top priority with automated applications.A single malfunctioning or poorly-calibrated servo can disrupt the entire cartoning process which means components don’t just have to be able to endure continuous use but also stay precise the entire time.

Creating Quality Cartons

Carton boxes may seem mundane to the average person, but it is the backbone of today’s packaging industry. Lightweight, durable, and cost-efficient, carton boxes can carry almost anything that needs to be shipped. However, carton boxes must be well-made to make sure items get delivered safely. This means creating carton boxes require precision, while still being fast enough to create enough boxes to keep up with the demand.

Making thousands of carton boxes require the use of cartoning machines. The specialized hardware use a series of servos and actuators to make quick repetitive motions to create creases and folds on the material that separates a carton box from just a flat sheet of carton. Once properly formed, the machine stacks thecartons and puts them into sealed containers via a series of linear stages.

Die Cutting and Lamination

Die cutting and lamination also involves plenty of precision. Different materials have to be put together, but the wrong amount of pressure can damage one material and ruin the entire batch. Add the fact that it has to be done quickly to allow mass production and you’re facing a very complex task that is almost impossible without the right hardware.

The best applications use well-calibrated punches and cutters to get the task done. They must be strong enough to punch through thick materials such as paperboard but have the finesse to properly make small cuts on more delicate materials such as sponge. These components are powered by motors or servos that can be programmed to make repeated, accurate motions to ensure consistent results.

Form Filling and Sealing

Form filling and sealing involves different steps such as forming the package, weighing the content, and sealing the package. Depending on the type of item, individual packages may also have to be vacuumed to preserve the contents. Form filling and sealing is of one the most popular forms of packaging processes, but is also one of the most complex.

Both horizontal and vertical form fill and seal machines operate with a series of linear drive stages to get the job done. Weight sensors ensure that each package contains a consistent amount of the product and a series of servos and motors finish the task by sealing the packaging material and cutting them to separate individual packages ready for shipping.


Consumers today have a higher demand for quality and accuracy than ever before. These days, even a minor misprint can reflect badly on the product itself. If that misprint was applied to an entire batch, it could lead to a major waste of products. This means everything that rolls out of the manufacturer has to be perfectly labeled to preserve their marketability.

The latest labeling machines feature servos and multi-axis controls that allow them to properly align the label’s position. These components are not just designed for precision, but also for versatility; components are modular and programmable to help accommodate different labeling requirements and minimize downtime.

With restrictive costs and huge demand for faster results, businesses in the packaging industry would be wise to invest in reliable and cost-efficient hardware. This may seem counterintuitive at first, but the increase in speed and reduction of downtime can actually lead to less waste and more profits in the long run.

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