Google Docs and Sheets for Android Get Add-ons Support

Google Docs and Sheets for Android Get Add-ons Support

Google has announced support for third-party add-ons on Docs and Sheets, which will allow you to do your work more efficiently on your Android mobile devices. The add-on support has brought some extremely useful features, for example, you now have the ability to sign your important documents on the go through “e-signature” functionality of add-on DocuSign.

Other add-one like ProsperWorks will let you import CRM data to create and update advanced dashboards, reports, and graphs on Sheets. An add-on like AppSheet on other hand, allows you to even create powerful mobile apps directly from the data in Sheets instantly, without the need of any kind of coding.

You can even scan your business documents with the help of Scanbot add-on, using built-in OCR, and insert contents of these documents into Docs as editable text. EasyBib add-on also allows you to add citations to your Google Docs.

The add-on support truly opens up Google’s Doc and Sheets apps to a world of potential and helps you get more and more functionality out of the Android apps. However, as of now only nine add-ons arelisted as compatible with Docs and Sheets for Android.

Although the desktop version of Google’s Docs and Sheets is still miles ahead in terms of features, it goes without saying that the latest update by the search giant is definitely a step in right direction and helps in increasing the productivity of the Android apps.

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]