Here Are All The Free PlayStation Plus Games For July

Until Dawn is free with PlayStation Plus this July.

Until Dawn is free with PlayStation Plus this July.

Sony’s line-up of free games coming to various PlayStation platforms and PS Plus members in July is actually quite good.

It’s better than the thin offerings from Microsoft in any case.

Here’s the full list:


  • Until Dawn
  • Game of Thrones


  • Tokyo Jungle
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection


  • Element41
  • Don’t Die, Mr. Robot (cross buy on PS4)

I’m not sure anyone remembers what the PS Vita is, but it’s basically the PSP’s ugly stepchild. Sony doesn’t talk about it anymore, but I guess there are still free games coming out on the platform.

Tokyo Jungle is free this July.

Credit: Sony

Tokyo Jungle is free this July.

I’m more excited about Until Dawn and Tokyo Jungle.

Until Dawn is a cool “choose-your-own-adventure” style cinematic horror game that’s actually quite scary at times and very entertaining. It’s basically your typical “teens in a cabin” slasher movie turned into a game, with some cool player choices that will impact who lives and who dies by the end. It’s free, so don’t miss it!

Tokyo Jungle is a weird little game where you play as various animals in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Humans are gone, and you have to survive, mate and spawn offspring. You play as dogs, deer and various other beasts as you progress through the game. And it’s really challenging! You have to eat regularly or you’ll starve. Predators are everywhere as you make your way through the maze-like city. Truly a unique and special game. So dust off that PS3 and download it for free, if only to check it out.

In any case, those are your free games for July if you’re a PS+ subscriber.

Here’s what Sony had on offer in June.

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