Here Are All The Free PlayStation Plus Games For December (2018)

Onrush headlines December’s free PS Plus games.Credit: Codemasters

December is just days away, and with it yet another batch of free PlayStation Plus games for subscribers to Sony’s premium online service.

This month is decent, but nothing special (much like the Xbox Games With Gold offerings.) There’s a range of titles, however, so there should be something for everyone next month.

Let’s take a look.

December Free PS Plus Games


  • Onrush (76% on Metacritic)
  • Soma (79% on Metacritic)


  • Steredenn
  • Steins;gate (83% on Metacritic)

PS Vita

  • Iconoclasts (crossbuy w/PS4)
  • Papers, Please

For PlayStation 4 players, Onrush is a fast-paced racing game that received decent reviews. Soma, meanwhile, is a science-fiction horror title from the makers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Good for anyone who likes trippy sci-fi titles.