Finding Conversation During Social Events

15 Ways To Start A Conversation At A Conference (Without Feeling Weird)

Sometimes, while out with other people, the conversation just runs dry, or you seem to be going over the same topics again and again and again.To avoid this perhaps it is time to get some new hobbies or interests in your life or expand your social group a little.

There are many areas for scope here, and having a new interest or hobby can help expand your social group.

As we get older, it is more difficult to make new friends. But by joining clubs, it can be slightly easier as you are all there and have a common interest.

Vacation planning

Planning a family vacation or alone trip can give you something to talk about with others, especially if you ask them if they would recommend a country or a state to visit. Everybody likes to talk about themselves, which gives other people you are to take turns to chare the limelight. You may also find other topics of conversation of interest during this, even with old friends that you may not have thought about before.

This can open up lots of doors for conversation as there is many a funny vacation story to be told. As well as actually be recommended places or being told “yeah, don’t go there” for other locations.

Take an interest in soccer

If you are looking for something new, it is a good bet that others are too. Perhaps mentioning that you are thinking of watching a soccer game with a few cold beers may tempt others to come and join in.

Having a look at soccer can give you a new interest and thus give you something else to talk to others about. If you hang around with like-minded people, you could find that very soon you have your own little soccer fan club to talk about the different teams, players, or managers with. Looking at Euro 2020 fixture list is a good place for anyone to get started.

A local event

Get yourself involved with a local event. This will get you out and meet new people with new connections and give you plenty of local information to talk about with old friends and family members. It also has additional mental health benefits.

By mentioning to people who you know, you may find that there are others amongst your family and friends who would also like to be involved with whatever the event is that you are choosing to help with.

Getting involved with the local community is generally not a one-off occasion, and you will find that once you have been involved with one event, you are called upon to help out with others. This is a great way of expanding your friend group as well as gaining new topics for conversation.

Final thoughts

We all get stuck sometimes at social events for things to say, and the small talk just seems too small. There are only so many times you can discuss the weather with the same person.Getting out and getting involved is a great way to meet new people, and this gives new conversations to old friends.

Also, getting a new hobby or interest also expands the mind and helps with conversation. Planning a vacation and asking for recommendations from friends and family puts others in the limelight and opens the doors for funny stories to be told.