Dropbox Public Folders Will Soon Become Private Folders for Basic Uses

Dropbox Public Folders Will Soon Become Private Folders for Basic Users

Dropbox has started sending mails to users informing about a change to their Public folder which will soon become a Private folder. With the new change, Dropbox Public folder will become Private and the links to the files will be deactivated. The file hosting service however stresses that the files will remain in Dropbox and won’t be deleted.

“We’re always looking to improve the Dropbox sharing experience. The Public folder was the first sharing method we introduced, and since then, we’ve built even better ways for you to share securely and work together with your team. As a result, we’ll soon be ending support for the Public folder,” the Dropbox team said in a mail to users.

The company has announced that the Dropbox Basic users will be able to use the Public folder until March 15, 2017. After the date, the files in Public folder will be made private automatically.

“If you’d like to keep sharing files in your Public folder, you can create new shared links. Just make sure to send the new URLs to your collaborators,” adds the Dropbox team.

Dropbox last week announced a new feature that lets users save folders for offline viewing on a mobile device. The all-new feature was available to Dropbox Pro, Dropbox Business, and Dropbox Enterprise users on the latest version of Dropbox for Android. The company promised that the offline feature would arrive on iOS devices early next year. Dropbox and its competitors, such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, already offered offline file features, however, the company says it is the first major service to offer offline features for entire folders.

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