The Division Trophy List Revealed

The Division 16

With The Division out tomorrow on PlayStation 4, Exophase has revealed the full Trophy list.

Comprised mostly of Bronze Trophies you unlock by progressing through the game, the Gold and Silver ones will require time and skill, as you can read below:

  • On the Level (Gold) – Reach Level 30 with an Agent.
  • Know No Fear (Gold) – Finish all of the missions at Level 30 on the Hard difficulty.
  • State of the Art (Gold) – Fully Upgrade the Base of Operations.
  • United We Stand (Silver) – At lvl 30 start and complete a Co-op Mission without anyone being Downed or Dying.
  • One Down, Two to Go! (Silver) – Completely upgrade any one wing of the Base of Operations.
  • Fixer Upper (Silver) – Completely upgrade any two wings of the Base of Operations.
  • Bling! Bling! (Silver) – Equip all Equipment slots with Superior or High end Items.
  • Master Craftsman (Silver) – Craft a high-end item.

Keeping in mind that there are some light story spoilers, you can see the full Trophy list for The Division in the gallery below.

If you’re planning on picking up The Division, the servers are now live and the day one update is 2GB – 2.6GB, depending on your platform and region.

[Source:- Playstationlifestyle]