The Division Gear Leveling Reportedly Takes Cues From Destiny’s Light System

The Division 03

Both shooters have been continually compared to one another in the past, but it appears The Division overtly borrows from Bungie’s Destinywhen it comes to leveling up beyond the game’s soft level cap.

According to data unearthed via Reddit, The Division will host a feature know as Gear Score, allowing users “to gauge [their] chances against high end content and display [their] prowess in the Dark Zone.”

Much like Destiny, said metric will also grant access to the game’s more high-end challenges beyond the soft cap of level 30, and is calculated as “the average value of all equipped gear pieces.” Within the same report, content data mined from The Division indicates that the online campaign will take place across 26 missions, while the shooter’s DLC plans will bolster this content lineup in the months after release.

One area that will likely be explored across those expansions is Brooklyn which, despite reports claiming that the NYC borough had been cut from the game, does feature in an early section of the campaign after all.

[Source:- Playstationlifestyle]