Denbigh High School defends 72 exclusions over uniform

Denbigh High School

A head teacher has defended excluding 72 students from regular classes for not complying with uniform rules.

Pupils at Denbigh High School were disciplined on the first day of term on Monday, for breaches of policy including “the wearing of inappropriate trousers, skirts and footwear”.

The students were taken from their normal lessons and moved to a “learning suite”.

About 20 of them returned to normal classes by the end of the day.

Head teacher Simeon Molloy said: “We believe that standards across the board, including uniform, contribute to a positive learning environment.

“At the end of the last school year we held several school assemblies that outlined our school uniform policy.

“We followed this up by telephoning parents and sending out letters with photographs and information on the style of trousers and length of skirts.”

He added: “We have spoken with every parent of every student involved in this matter to explain individual issues with each pupil’s uniform. We will continue to uphold our high expectations.”

Students flouting uniform rules were sent home from lessons at a Kent academy – a day after police intervened in angry scenes at the school gates on the first day of term.

[Source:- BBC]