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Best PlayStation VR Events You Can Watch Live

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If you’re looking for different ways to enjoy live VR content, why not use your headset to watch these live events? There are several different apps you can download to watch these events, and some might be better than others. These are the best ways to watch PlayStation VR events live.

Let the Excitement Begin!

  • What is NextVR?
  • NextVR: NFL & NBA Game Line-Up
  • NextVR: Live Dance Performances & More
  • Live Performances on Youtube VR
  • Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live
  • Joshua Bell VR Experience

What is NextVR?

NextVR is an app available to you on the PlayStation store. Here you can find plenty of live entertainment for a variety of different interests. This is, without a doubt, a video app you can use from the comfort of your couch and not miss out too much on the VR experience you’re already going to get with this 180° view of the actual event (the other 180° being an image filler).

Moving your head or body won’t change angles much at all as the scenes aren’t interactive, but don’t let that discourage you, you’re still going to have a great time with an up-close and personal experience with your favorite forms of entertainment. Using your VR headset to watch videos is one thing, and using them to watch the 3D videos NextVR has to offer is another.


NextVR has partnered with The National Football League to bring you the best Football highlights from five of their games from the 2017 season with Super Bowl XLIV Champion Reggie Bush is hosting with Elika Sadeghi as commentator. It’s a 3D experience in the front row seats of your favorite sport. On December 10th, NextVR will release the game highlights of the Dallas Cowboy Vs the New York Giants and, until then, they have the highlights of 4 other games available to view now! Don’t forget to tune back in on December 18th for the season recap as well!


NBA Digital has made NextVR the Official League Pass VR Partner of the NBA. Instead of game highlights like they’ve done with the NFL you’ll have the full games LIVE right there in the app! For International NBA League Pass Subscribers, ALL NBA games will be live and at your fingertips through their NextVR Screening Room on the app.

In addition to that, 27 games will be available to watch that were filmed specifically for a full immersive VR experience. They’re going to film one game from each team’s home so that you can experience every basketball court without ever having to leave home. For NBA League Pass Holders, 7 out of those 27 VR experience games will be available to you.

See at NBA League Passes

NextVR: Live Dance Performances & More!

Not too big of a fan of Football or Basketball? That’s okay, NextVR has plenty of other options available to cater to different interests. With 4 Boxing Event videos, all featuring Canelo Álvarez, you can stand right on the edge of the ring and watch amazing highlights of his fights or watch one of the 11 ICC’s Soccer Game Highlights.

Then there’s the NBC World of Dance, with 17 dances and behind-the-scenes clips of some of our favorite dance crews like Keone & Mari, Stroll Groove, or The Lab. They create a unique experience of watching these recitals with many different views, including one from the crowd AND a 180° camera that circles the stage! It is best of both worlds to not only experience the fancy footwork up close and personal, but then have a view from the crowd for the judging. The immersive feeling of actually having to turn your head from the contestant to judge during commentary is phenomenal.

Download NextVR Directly from the PlayStation Store!

Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live

Now we all remember Hatsune Miku, the J-Pop Vocaloid that debuted in 2007, developed and distributed by Crypton Future Media. Well, lucky for us, now you can enjoy a 3-song concert exclusively through your PlayStation VR. In fact, SEGA, the publisher of the experience, came out with 3 total concerts for you to enjoy.

All of them have just about endless possibilities of where you can chose to stand during the performance, available to change at any time during the show. Miku is the only available performer for the first concert. But other popular Vocaloids like Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, and Megurine Luka are available on the second, while the third performance features Kaito and Meiko.

Download Directly from the PlayStation Store!

OR! See at SEGA

Joshua Bell VR Experience

Sony took the virtual viewing of music performances by storm by having Joshua Bell, partnered with pianist Sam Haywood, perform Brahms’ “Hungarian Dance No. 1” live and just for you. Without being able to stop at a 360° video, they also used advanced audio technology so that the music will follow your precise location during the experience.

As a classical music lover and fellow VRHead, I’m almost speechless by the performance that danced across my headset as if I were standing right in front of him. The video is available free on the PlayStation Store, and I absolutely recommend it.

Download The Joshua Bell VR Experience Directly from the PlayStation Store!

Live Performances on Youtube VR

No upcoming events or concerts to watch live? Don’t let that discourage you. Doing a quick search on Youtube for “VR Live Performances” you’ll find almost endless concerts and performances. With choices ranging from Metallica to Hamilton, the possibilities are endless. This isn’t even counting the available content of 360° live streamed events, sceneries, and semi-interactive music videos.

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