Battery Buying Guide for Drones

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The process of buying batteries for drones isn’t tough. However, because there are so many options and usage requirements, some people don’t know how to pick proper products that will greatly benefit their devices. If you’re a new drone owner, you can select a battery quickly and easily by following a few steps.

Consider the Capabilities

At most stores, you’ll find Lipo, NiCad, NiMH batteries; each option provides different benefits while a drone is used. Within a Lipo battery, there are multiple cells, which hold chemical substances and metal materials. Because the components are fused, they’re able to produce an electrical charge. NiCad and NiMH products are also effective; however, since the housing is heavier, these batteries don’t hold a lot of energy.

Check the Battery’s Size

If you want to fly your drone for an extended length of time, you’ll need a fairly large battery. You must measure your battery before buying a replacement because some larger Lipo and NiCad products won’t fit properly in certain drones.

Review the Voltage

Any battery that you select must have a C rating. If you install a battery that has a higher rating, the overall flight time will reduce dramatically.

All drone batteries have a maximum voltage of 4.235V when used in an environment that’s 60 degrees C. When a drone is operated in a location that’s less than 10 degrees, the battery’s voltage will reduce. This means that you must select your locations wisely in order to fly your drone longer.

Overall, you can buy a new battery for your drone without contacting a professional. Since the process of changing a battery can be somewhat time-consuming, you may want to buy a good connector as well before checking out of the store. You’ll also need a highly efficient drone battery charger that produces electrical currents quickly. Batteries for drones are very sensitive, so you shouldn’t try to charge or store them in any environment that’s below 0 degrees C. If you invest in a good battery and protect it, you’ll never run into problems while flying a drone.