Apple Store Update Brings Touch ID Authentication for Card Payments

Apple Store Update Brings Touch ID Authentication for Card Payments

Apple has released an update to its Apple Store app, and it brings along a host of improvements, including support for Touch ID for payments. Now, users can pay for products on the Apple Store using Touch ID as another secure and convenient way to authenticate for the tied credit card on your Apple ID.

While credit card payment has been the norm on the Apple Store since a long time, with Apple Pay, users had to go through an authentication process of typing their password associated with their Apple ID to carry forward the payment. With this update, users can now authenticate with Touch ID easily. To use this feature, tap on the Buy With Other Payment Options button while checking out, and use Touch ID to approve a payment on the credit card associated with your Apple ID.

Apple Store version 4.3 also brings the ability to see if the iPhone you want is available at an official store near you. The app will show you the price of the iPhone, monthly payment options, whether it’s available or not in a store near you, and also give you the full address of the Apple Store where you need to go and pick it up from. The app will also show you the store open and close timings for convenience. This will eradicate unnecessary visits to the Store, and also help you know whether your future iPhone 8 is in stock.

Furthermore, with this update, users can now also use Touch ID as an authentication format to get into the Apple ID account settings as well. The Apple Store app’s latest version can be found in the App Store for free download.