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Using Your Garage for Your Warehouse

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Running your business from home is an exciting endeavor that can become quite successful if you’re good at it. One problem that comes with selling a product from your house? Managing stock. Some companies use business intelligence software to make their jobs easier, but you don’t have the luxury of clicking a mouse and magically getting your garage managed. Try some practical tips for keeping it in order.


Organized Space

The most obvious choice for storage space is your garage thanks to it likely being the most open space you have available to you. Even a $300 billion empire called Amazon started in a garage once upon a time! Start by emptying out the entire space and putting all the items back in thoughtfully.

  • In the very back, keep bulk items and other things that you won’t need for a while. This can include supplies for manufacturing, extra shipping containers, etc.
  • Keep your best-selling products at the front and within easy reach of your inventory.
  • Remember the FIFO rule of restaurants and get the oldest stock out the door first. Keep all your inventory on a rotating cycle.

Shipping Station

One area of your space needs to be a designated shipping station. It doesn’t have to be huge, but big enough to properly wrap and get merchandise ready for shipment. A long table is a great, easy solution.

  • Keep bubble wrap, packing paper and tape stored on dowels and hung from hooks on the wall. It will all be easy to reach and even easier to see when you’re running low on supplies.
  • Keep boxes flat until you need to use them, keeping them stored upright.
  • A tape gun is one of the most valuable tools you can own when you ship a lot of product. Have at least two on hand.

Hopefully, the success of your company outgrows your garage, but until that day, keep it clean and organized. It needs to be as efficient a warehouse as you can manage for the time being.

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