UE Boom, Megaboom App Update Brings New PartyUp Feature, Allows 50 Speakers to Play in Sync

UE Boom, Megaboom App Update Brings New PartyUp Feature, Allows 50 Speakers to Play in Sync

Ultimate Ears, the personal audio specialist owned by Logitech, has updated its Boom and Megaboom apps to introduce a new feature called PartyUp. This feature allows users to pair many UE speakers together and play music in sync through the app.

As the UE Boom and UE Megaboom apps have been updated with this feature, the UE Boom, UE Boom 2, and UE Megaboom speakers can all be paired together to increase music levels in a party. Unfortunately, the Roll and Roll 2 Waterproof Bluetooth speakers do not support this PartyUp feature. The company claims that as many as 50 speakers can be paired together at one time. Previously, users could pair 2 speakers together.

Therefore, if you have many UE speakers at hand, and want some loud party scenes, you can fire them all up together and play music simultaneously. You can control all the speakers through one smartphone, and drag and drop speakers into PartyUp as and when you like. Each speaker will show up on the app in the same colour as its outer hardware colour, making it easier to differentiate.

“Music connects people in extraordinary ways. Now, when friends come together, they can easily connect their speakers without worrying about limitations. Whether you and your crew are on a rooftop without a power outlet, or 50 of your closest pals are floating down a river without a dry spot in sight, PartyUp lets the party grow within seconds,” Ashok Jangra, Logitech, Cluster Category Head ( India & SWA) said in a statement.

The update is rolling out over-the-air to iOS and Android users. If you haven’t received a notification, check in your respective app stores manually. Just last month, UE launched the Roll 2 water and drop resistant Bluetooth speaker in India, and priced it at Rs. 8,495.

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]