Tech Five: Yahoo reportedly seeks $10B bid


Could Microsoft get involved in the bidding for media giant Yahoo? Meanwhile, the first details have emerged on Apple’s plans for creating originalTV programming.

Let’s look at tech stocks to watch Friday:

Yahoo. Tech giant Microsoft is telling investors it will back bids for Yahoo so long as the company can maintain a positive relationship with the ailing media firm, reports Re/code. The report also says Yahoo’s board is seeking $10 billion for its core Internet business.

Apple. According to The New York Times, Apple’s first original TV series will be about apps. The company is working with music star on the project. No details were given on when the show will make its debut.

Netflix. The streaming media company says it throttles videos for users on AT&T andVerizon wireless plans to protect them from exceeding data caps, reports The Wall Street Journal. Netflix said it has been limiting speeds for more than five years.

Facebook. Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe confirmed the first Rift headset shipped, with an initial wave of VR devices headed to consumers starting March 28.

[Source:- Usatoday]