Rovio Creates New Company Hatch to Provide Subscription-Based Video Game Service

Rovio Creates New Company Hatch to Provide Subscription-Based Video Game Service

Rovio, the Finnish company behind the highly successful mobile game series Angry Birds, has announced the creation of a new company named Hatch Entertainment that is working on a subscription-based service for mobile video games. This is expected to be the first-of-its-kind service for mobile video games when it arrives in 2017.

Hatch was announced by Rovio at a tech conference in Finland named Slush, as reported by Venture Beat. Even though Rovio worked towards the development of the service, it decided that that it decided to separate it from itself so that Hatch can work independently and attract a wider range of developers, as per the report.

Instead of downloading the game, the service will allow users to stream the games through the app. As per Hatch, the cloud infrastructure is strong enough to provide a fluid gameplay without any latency. Even though the app will come as free-to-play, it will provide the option of going ad-free via subscription.

Users will get the option to choose from 100 games offered by the first 40 partners. The list includes names like Bandai Namco Entertainment America, Taito Corporation, Ubisoft Mobile, ustwo Games, and Double Fine Productions, as per the report.
Users will further be able to share clips of their gameplay videos and see what their friends are playing through this app. The officials from Hatch have reportedly said that it will start next year as an invite-only service for select Android users as the company is working on refining the app.

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]