PUBG India Open, India’s First PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Tournament, Announced

PUBG India Open, India's First PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Tournament, Announced


  • PUBG India Open is India’s first official PUBG tournament
  • The event is organised by GamingMonk – a Delhi-based e-sports firm
  • PUBG Corp has given the firm permission to host this tournament

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is popular the world over and India is no exception. So much so that barely 10 months after hitting Steam, India’s first official PUBG tournament is here and it’s called the PUBG India Open.

The PUBG India Open is being run by GamingMonk — a Delhi-based e-sports company. It claims that there’s an active userbase of around 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 PUBG players in India on Steam and is running the PUBG India Open with PUBG Corp’s blessing.


Up to 400 players will compete in the PUBG India Open which takes place on January 7 from 3pm IST. It’s an online tournament and you’ll have to sign up on GamingMonk’s website to take part. It’s limited to first-person mode or Solo FPP as it’s referred to in PUBG. And yes, this is for the Windows PC version of PUBG, not Xbox One.

A welcome addition is streamers. A representative for GamingMonk says over 20 Indian streamers have signed up to livestream the event and there’s an observer stream too. To prevent stream sniping – wherein participants check out a live stream of the same match they’re in to get an advantage, a three minute stream delay has been recommended.

The prize pool for the PUBG India Open is Rs. 25,000. Granted its a paltry sum compared to last year’s ESL $100,000 prize pool, but considering that PUBG Corp is hosting an official tournament (albeit via a third party) only bodes well for the game in India going forward.