PS4 Update 3.50 Includes Option to Turn off Screenshot Notification Icon


Posted by Twitter user SoK (and retweeted by Toshimasa Aoki, Head of Product Planning at PlayStation), an image shows that PlayStation 4 update 3.50 includes the option to turn off the screenshot icon. As for the sound when taking a screenshot, SoK said, “Audio alert is still there, yes. You can switch it off, if you want to, via Settings > Sound+screen > Key tone.”

Elsewhere on Twitter, a user asked Aoki and Shuhei Yoshida about the possibility of adding a Saved Data option when hitting the Options button on the PS4’s home screen. They replied:

Meanwhile, a user asked Adam Boyes and Shuhei if they think video games are art. Boyes said, “Nobody can “officially” designate anything as art… It’s always going to be a personal opinion. I think they are art,” and Yoshida said, “Some games are artistic, others not so much.”

Update 3.50 is still in beta but details have already leaked out about some of the new changes, which include the ability to check the PlayStation Network’s status from Settings. This is in addition toappearing offline, PC Remote Play, and friend notifications.

[Source:- Playstationlifestyle]