Pay With Google Offers Easy Checkout on Apps, Websites

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Google is making it a lot easier for Android users to pay for things on their devices.

The Web giant on Monday launched “pay with Google,” a feature that lets Android users check out on a number of popular apps and websites in just a few clicks using any of the credit and debit cards they have added to their Google account. That includes cards added via Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or Android Pay.

“If you’ve ever paid for something on your phone or tablet, you know just how frustrating checkout can be,” Pali Bhat, Google vice president of payments product management, wrote in a blog post. “Maybe you had to fill in a bunch of forms. Maybe your session timed out. Maybe you encountered an error and had to start all over again.”

Pay with Google aims to be a lot simpler. When you use this option, Google will send the merchant your payment information and shipping address using the information from your account, meaning you won’t have to type a thing.

At launch, the new mobile payment feature is available on Android devices inside more than a dozen apps, including Kayak, Wish, Instacart, Posmates, Eat24, and DoorDash. It also works on the web with Google Chrome. Google said a number of additional apps will support the feature in the near future, including Airbnb, Hotel Tonight, StubHub, and Papa John’s.

Developers can head here to learn how to add the feature to their apps. Google said you can implement the new feature “with just a few lines of code, and it’s free,” since the company isn’t charging any transaction fees.