Nokia Health Mate App Updated to Fix Bugs, Sync Issues After Spate of Bad Reviews

Nokia Health Mate App Updated to Fix Bugs, Sync Issues After Spate of Bad Reviews

Last month, Nokia completed the transition of products from the Withings brand and introduced two new health products, apart from rebranding existing ones. The new devices include the Nokia Body BMI Wi-Fi connected scale, and the Nokia BPM+ soft-cuff wireless blood pressure monitor. Nokia even redesigned the Health Mate app to bring a new navigation system and program features. Now, a few weeks after the release, the new health app has been receiving really bad reviews on app stores, with users reporting of many bugs, synchronisation issues, and missing features as well. However, Nokia was quick to respond with an update fixing most of the issues.

The rebranded Health Mate app, after receiving tweaks and ‘upgrades’ from Nokia, initially received an overwhelming amount of bad reviews on app stores. BBC reports that one of the users said that “Nokia took over and totally trashed the Withings app in one swoop.” Most users complaining that the new app doesn’t work well with their Withings hardware. Users with products like the Withings Steel watch or the Steel HR cannot use the app any more, and are demanding to go back to the old app.

Another user claims that the “first release of the app was so full of bugs it was incredible. Their new app is appalling and everyone wants the old one back, which we loved,” while another read “They’ve decimated our investment in quite expensive Withings products.”

Nokia was quick to respond with an update fixing bugs and synchronisation issues. It even confirmed that another update was on the way bringing back a few missing features that users have also been reporting about.

“Regrettably, a few users faced bugs and syncing issues, others were frustrated to find some features from the previous version were not included. We released an update which corrects many of the issues. Very soon we will have another update to integrate the few missing features. We will not be satisfied until the final issues have been addressed to deliver the quality user experience consumers have come to expect from Nokia products,” the company told BBC.

Missing features include long-term charts of the users journey, which is now missing within this new app. Users also complain that the new app with its ‘modern design’ is less user-friendly than before. However, Nokia was quick to respond with an update, and these missing features will also hopefully see a comeback sometime soon. For now, the latest updates can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.