Microsoft’s OneNote Can Now Help With Your Maths Homework

Microsoft's OneNote Can Now Help With Your Maths Homework

Microsoft last month updated its Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps for Office 365 users with AI-focused features, and now, the Redmond-based company has introduced the Ink math assistant in OneNote, which will help users solve mathematical equations easily.

The newly added feature Ink math assistant in OneNote not only converts handwritten equations into text and then solves them, but also teaches you how to solve the equations step-by-step. This feature is very much in line with the Editor feature introduced by the company for Microsoft word last month, which helps you with your language skills.

With company’s new update to OneNote, you also get the Ink rewind and replay capabilities, which help you see the sequence of moves in which a document was created. Apart from this, some more ink effects have been also added to OneNote with the update. There are now also new Ink effects in OneNote. The new OneNote features are now rolling out to Office 365 subscribers on Windows 10, while the company has also announced the Office Insider Fast tier for those who’d like to receive updates ahead of time.

The company has also brought Windows Information Protection to its Office Mobile apps. Also, Outlook on the web now allows you to see more information about various people through their profiles. Interestingly, the company has also announced Microsoft Office Online extensions for its own browser Edge.

Microsoft has also added better sharing features across its Office applications (specifically, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) on Android, that allow you to work in collaboration over a document and also see who is working on the document at that particular time. Users can now also quickly find files that have been shared with them, while PowerPoint users get a revamped interface for improved reading on phones, new drag and drop features, and the Find icon.
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