Mastercam Classes Available

Scheduled two-day Mastercam training classes and CAD drawing programs are available each month because Sierra Cad/Cam, Inc. believes that it is necessary and important for both new and experienced users to be able to use the programs properly and to be comfortable with them.

The Mastercam training courses are offered at five different levels with a minimum of four students and a maximum of eight students. You just have to download and complete theclass registration form, fax or email the information, and they will set you up.

Class descriptions are as follows:

Mill Essentials is for those with little or no Mastercam experience. The students become familiar with the Mastercam interface and many other features, will learn how to design 2D Models, create basic 2D toolpaths, learn the machining of a three-stage part setup, and much more.

Intro to Mill 3D is after completion of the Mill Essentials class with the students being experienced 2D Mastercam users. It has the students learning how to create 3D surface models, understand the Legacy Surface toolpaths, how to use the Surface High speed toolpaths, etc.

Advanced Mill 3D covers high speed roughing and finishing and a variety of toolpaths.

Intro to Multiaxis introduces the principles and concepts of multi-multi-axis machine tool configurations, understanding of and working with different toolpaths. The prerequisite is the completion of the Mill Essentials and Intro to Mill 3D classes or having the equivalent experience.

Advanced Multiaxis focuses on the pattern multi axis toolpaths and how to use them. Students must have completed the Intro to Multiaxis class.

Intro to Lathe provides understanding and using the Mastercam 2018 interface, Designing and Drawing in 2D, the use of file conversion and importing CAD files, creating basic 2D Mastercam toolpaths, covering Tool Planes as it relates to Lathe, and other information.

Advanced Lathe will give an understanding of the use of C – Y axis programming and cover working with a VTL, solid models, tail stock, and miscellaneous ops.

Additionally, online training is also available at MasterCamU and on-site at a daily rate as they customize the training to the needs.